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Being back at work after a wonderful holiday, a few things right away popped into our mind and face: Nora’s unfinished bikini (Jessica pattern from August is still flying around in the office, same with the half-finished green Vanessa skirt that she urgently needs to finish to show off the striped pleats!

And, there is still this often communicated but never materialized plan: Benedikta’s dream of yet another Talea coat.

Do you have similar skeletons in the closets, or should we say haunting ghosts in your sewing cabinet? Was all that you could think of on New Year’s to quit smoking and to loose weight? Are you in need of a useful New Year’s resolution? It seems that a lot of our members have voiced some in the forum, so we decided to make it all official:

Shout out your the BurdaStyle New Year’s Sewing Resolution 2008! Tell us right here, just comment, what will you make this year. We’ll check in a year to make sure you kept your promise:)

Let us start!

Benedikta: My New Years Sewing Resolution is to replace buying with sewing as much as I can!

Nora: My New Years Sewing Resolution is to finish the Jessica Bikini, the Vanessa skirt, and to sew a Minna dress!

And here all the resolutions from the forum:

Atmomma: My sewing resolution is to correctly make a pair of pants for myself and to make more of my kids clothes instead of buying them.

Clairelovestosew : Mine is to stop being such a fabric addict, and to use up all my existing fabric, and not always rush out to buy all new stuff when I’m on a new project. My other resolution is to not be so lazy – to edge properly, adopt a “black thread means black, not mean the darkest blue I can be bothered to find” policy, not to imagi-pin and then be annoyed when it comes out wonky. etc.

Jj: I’m with Claire for using up fabric stash. Next would be try to design and draft the pattern instead of just knocking off and using commercial pattern as is. The last would be organize the sewing stuffs and keep sewing room neatly.(not a fun project that why it came last).

Maha1965: I hope I can stop being so lazy and do more sewing and don’t take it on my nerves and enjoy it

Oonaballoona: My resolution: to pin fit my patterns before i start, and continue to fit along the way no matter how much i don’t want to take off my !@*%?! sweatshirt for the 80th time. I’m always mad at myself when i finish and then have to Frankenstein it because i was impatient.

Sunnyb64: My main one is also to use up things that I have instead of rushing out to buy more fabric all the time— especially since I have fabric that I bought for projects over a year ago and never sewed! I also want to learn how to make garments more “finished”, especially inside, and finally take the time to work on a jeans pattern enough so I can have a pair that really fits!

Happy new sewing year 2008!


  • 0290b499e0faad136f8f226907b70b646ba59e89_large

    Jan 11, 2008, 12.36 PMby palle0921

    I will sew more. much more two creations for more. and keep my sewing stuff organized. It will prevent me from buying unnecessary stuff…I will post all my creations. promise

  • Missing

    Jan 7, 2008, 08.58 AMby anastasi5

    Ahh yes, sew more, buy less. But since I’m moving in a month, I have to buy new drapery fabric for my new windows, never mind tableware.

    The good thing about moving is that I’m purging; I’ve already recycled an entire shelf’s worth of old magazines, and the old patterns with pieces and instructions missing are in the bin as well. I also found short lengths of upholstery fabric at the bottom of my shelves that are becoming duffle bags, and little squares that will be a quilt top to do by hand before my workroom is set up.

  • Stacy2_large

    Jan 6, 2008, 06.00 PMby stacysews

    I definitely want to shop my stash more in 2008! I also moved and now have an entire room devoted to sewing – my second goal is to keep this room neat and organized!

  • Emilykate_large

    Jan 6, 2008, 04.37 PMby emilykate

    Definitely have to use up my stash too! I also wanna get off my butt and upload more of my patterns to the site. And I am gonna make myself not buy any new clothes, gotta MAKE everything except shoes, bags and belts. Also organise my patterns better and organise my sewing room.

  • Ee8014d4ca996c57355c462f568cd1e7ab199fe2_large

    Jan 6, 2008, 01.25 PMby mirela

    I’d like to sew more from my stash, stop buying new fabrics, knit/crochet more and make clothes from BurdaStyle patterns for my Etsy store that I have completely ignored in 2007

  • 9042c0bf5223511d5cc13e721fdeef21914bb56c_large

    Jan 6, 2008, 03.53 AMby lauriana

    My sewing resolutions are: – to sew from my enormous stash as much as possible (most are winter fabrics), – to put all my sewing stuff neatly in my soon to be completed sewing room, and keep it tidy – to continue what I did this year: sewing everything I wear and learning loads, and, last but not least, – to conquer my grading and scanning fears and upload some of my home made patterns to Burdastyle!

  • 512e90b1e56182f8e311e9b064ffa71a6f1082a6_large

    Jan 5, 2008, 03.10 AMby fashion1

    my resolution is to pass my aptitude test on the fashion school! it´s coming soon and i´m a little bit nervous…

    and not at least to sew a lot and tried to make my own patterns or to modifies existing ones.

  • Toothbrushes_large

    Jan 4, 2008, 09.04 PMby jellybean

    My resolutions are : (1) declutter my sewing space, (I’ve just finished my boys’ rooms, and I’ve begun on my office – a small space with a huge mess), and feel I need to free up my sewing table and cupboard to be able to be more creative. (2) finish the Shari muslin I was working on before this decluttering bug hit me. 3. set aside some time each week to sew, rather than just thinking about it or cyber sewing.

  • Dcf4c013e3f956eff231edd5069aad331e6f9fcf_large

    Jan 4, 2008, 05.55 PMby zahra

    well.. like most of u i also hv a pattern thats lying around for so long and wasnot able to work on it.. i hv to sew anita jeans..I MUST!!! actually i want to set up my lil home office.. a work place for my self..as m done with studies.. and internships.. want to start my own thing.. so lets hope m able to make sum gud use of wat i leanred !

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