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You guys wowed us with your creativity once again! It was tough but we managed to narrow your fantastic entries down to 50. Now it’s in your hands. Check out the Project Runway ReMake Challenge slideshow presented by Rowenta and vote for your favorites! Plus, one lucky voter (USA residents only) will win their own DG5030 Pressure Iron and Steamer and IS9100 Precision Valet garment steamer! That’s right voters, now you get the chance to score some awesome goodies too. After you’ve voted on the slideshow come back to this post, leave a comment telling us who you voted for and why, and you’ve entered to win this incredible prize! (We’re jealous already!) Voting is open until 5pm EST on October 11th. What are you waiting for? Get voting!


  • Dscn5250_large

    Oct 5, 2010, 08.05 PMby mixtlii

    I voted for #33 because it’s a big big transformation from something that was very boring, and because of the details : topstitching, button, flower… Also the vintage look is so cute!

  • Missing

    Oct 5, 2010, 08.03 PMby lieblings

    I voted for number 14, I love the look of the new crisp jacket, very modern which is a nice change from hold old and dated the original looked.

  • Girl-picsay_large

    Oct 5, 2010, 07.50 PMby sunintheclouds

    I voted for #17 because she put alot of workmanship into it and well….it is just a darling dress that I would wear myself. I want one. But I give close calls to #’s 11 and 30 as well. Great jobs all around needlers!!!

  • Missing

    Oct 5, 2010, 07.41 PMby daisyroots

    i like #39. such an unglamourous dressing gown is transformed. id definitely buy that dress!

  • Missing

    Oct 5, 2010, 07.40 PMby sherris

    Wish we could vote more than once! I voted for #39 (so cute!), but I also really dug #4 AND #9 (wow!). Everyone did a great job!

  • Missing

    Oct 5, 2010, 07.39 PMby elar40

    Voted for #37 because the finished style was very flattering. The transformation work looked professional. The alteration process inspired me to look at some of the old shirtwaist dresses I have and try the same thing. I applaud all of the artists who attempted the remake challenge.

  • Missing

    Oct 5, 2010, 07.30 PMby woolygirl

    #3. What a creative and well designed and fitting remake. Bravo

  • Missing

    Oct 5, 2010, 07.20 PMby soniap1

    I voted for #14. I love this as a great look for fall. Great job!

  • 75714a7a9ec7d830e4c1f192482e25f703dab9f0_large

    Oct 5, 2010, 07.20 PMby deedee286

    I voted for #3, I thought the cut and fit was great considering it used to be pants and pants are not easy to work with.

  • B6e8478911e32abbfa88924d28cbff1d359e089d_large

    Oct 5, 2010, 07.05 PMby atrinka

    I voted for 32. Great transformation it doesn’t make you think of the old shirt at all, and thats the point!

  • Dsc_0004_large

    Oct 5, 2010, 07.01 PMby prettysweet

    I voted for 39 because it was fashion forward and well put together. (She took the time to match her plaids.) And the styling was great.

  • _sallye_may_photo_large

    Oct 5, 2010, 06.59 PMby Sallye May

    Excellent job, everyone! My favorites were #14 (voted for), 28 & 37… But most all of them were very creative and well executed….Good luck all!!

  • 185247_683249964502_7103199_35896629_1133237_n_-_3_large

    Oct 5, 2010, 06.55 PMby eghbravo

    They are all so fantastic I had to go through the selections several times before I decided which one to vote for…I voted for #14. Why? First, because from the photograph it looks very well made. Second, because it is a very modern twist to an old classic which took a lot of imagination. And finally, because I’m sure we all have a set of that old classic sitting in our closets (or in a bag waiting to be donated)…well mine is definitely coming out of the bag tonight!

  • Sleeping_bailey_large

    Oct 5, 2010, 06.50 PMby catran

    I voted for #3 (Changstine). I was impressed how structured and clean the dress appears from fabric that looks very flimsy and the fit looks perfect.

  • Burda_large

    Oct 5, 2010, 06.44 PMby Shannon Kramp

    My vote is for #12. The design is elegant and I love that this dress has been recycled into a new, fresh design for the third time.

    1 Reply
    • Highschool2007_large

      Oct 7, 2010, 09.22 PMby lanni-lantto

      thanks, shannon! i completely forget to mention that it was first made out of a white dress, then i added the black corset top, then took it off again along with the original white straps. maybe in 10 yrs it can become something else…any ideas? :=)

  • Missing

    Oct 5, 2010, 06.40 PMby vegan-for-life

    I voted for #14. From matronly to modern. I dig it.

  • Missing

    Oct 5, 2010, 06.32 PMby Creste Meyer

    My vote was for #3. Not only was the new item very well done…I just loved the total change from pants to sexy dress/bustier. Very cool!

  • Jazz_paws_large

    Oct 5, 2010, 06.30 PMby connie-v

    There were several I especially liked (#35, 41, and 46) but I chose #35. The outfit made from the summer dress looked like sportswear you would buy at a high-end boutique. It was darling and beautifully made.

  • Img00337-20110308-1448_large

    Oct 5, 2010, 06.14 PMby ilovemkglamor

    I vote for #76. Very nice!

  • P1350704_large

    Oct 5, 2010, 06.04 PMby tinapickles

    First and foremost, I applaud all those who entered—you made some fabulous items! There were a number that stood out to me for various reasons. In numerical order, they are:

    #3—this look so professional! (| would love to see a full picture of the entire outfit, however)

    #11—fabulous color and cut!

    #14—I really dig a high-necked coat. And this is so Fall appropriate, from the color, to the belt, to the short militaryesque sleeves.

    #20, & #32 struck me as very high fashion as as something you would actually see on Project Runway. I loved the use of the difference color of leather and studs in #20 (love me some punk/rock flair that’s still girly around the edges) and #32 I could totally picture made in some silky, flowly material and on the red carpet (specifically, I could imagine Cate Blanchette in it…)

    & #37 were so retro and sweet. I wondered if #25 also made the shirt and belt (and were they matching?). #37—not only did I love the polkadots and ruffles BUT THE SHOES! was so creative and out of the box—I loved the contrasting left… boob (can I say boob here?)

    #30, #34, #35—I would wear these. I’m kinda hoping that you’ll post patterns…

    was so funk fresh and looked so comfortable (especially since I’m here in India and its 97 these days…) reminded me of the 80s in a totally positive way.

    Well done to all! Congratulations to the winner (whomever you may be!).

    1 Reply
    • Img_6553_large

      Oct 5, 2010, 09.06 PMby rshelly13

      hey tina,
      i made dress #25. I am sorry to say that I did not make the before. It is a Saks Fifth Avenue White Linen skirt and coat suit. I bought it at the goodwill and it never really fit right. The lining was also coming out. I thought that it would be great for this challenge. I am a painter and the white linen became a “blank canvas” for me. I tailored it so that it became close fitting and into a single dress. I did make the belt from a vintage belt making kit.
      Thanks for commenting about my dress!

  • Logo-1_large

    Oct 5, 2010, 05.52 PMby JCM Collections

    The challenge was to transform and old garment into a new unique fashion forward garment and I think the ones that I selected are the best transformation. If we have good judges and know about sewing and design skills , among those has to be the winner 13,14,15,29,30

  • Logo-1_large

    Oct 5, 2010, 05.46 PMby JCM Collections

    I selected more than one I think those are the ones that has to be finalists #13 vest with skirt this person did a180 degee transformation and I like the deisgn of the belts she added to the neck in the vest. Also I liked the number 14 the transformation she did for the collar and body and sleves very nice, another one is the #15 the dress look very chick and the combination of fabrick is very good is marketable. The #29 is one of the best for me, the way it person managed the fabric the design made in the skirt and upper body,and how used the ligning of the jacket on the bust. Looks very nice and good tayloring skills. And last #30 the transformation the person did to this shirt is very good I like the way she did the bust is very chick and fashion forward

  • 2b30e1bd63e1423adbb3171713743de107bea472_large

    Oct 5, 2010, 05.20 PMby laugh434

    Naturally I voted for myself (#14!), but there were so many entries that just blew me away. I voted for #11 as my absolute favorite. Her skirt is rockin’ in so many ways, especially: 1) she made something real-life wearable, 2) she made a completely different garment from what she started with and 3) the finished product retains elements of the original (a collar as a waistband? How cool is that??). Definitely the best of the bunch.

  • 078962ccc0753c16e76594b616770d888b7e5a7b_large

    Oct 5, 2010, 04.57 PMby annawilliamson

    My vote goes to #7, for the best execution of an unexpected transformation. I loved a LOT of these, but for me a skirt into a jacket is so much more in the spirit of inventive creativity (and the contest) than a shirt into a dress. The jacket’s design makes wonderful use of the skirt it used to be, and besides that it was just beautifully put together.

  • Missing

    Oct 5, 2010, 04.42 PMby alicia doroteo

    I voted for #18 and # 33 because they are beautiful projects, I could see the work put into them, but they barely had the votes they deserved. I also voted for myself, #35, because I love it, and I would have voted for it anyway even if it wasn’t mine.

  • Metoo_large

    Oct 5, 2010, 04.06 PMby steffmc

    I I voted for MWdesigns – # 20. I love all things leather and have been trying to think up a good leather remake for an old jacket of my husband’s. I lalso love all things ruffled and scalloped. The added stud embellishments are something I wouldn’t have thought of that really add a lot to the skirt. She did a great job!

  • Img_7964_large

    Oct 5, 2010, 03.24 PMby simplyb

    I have some mixed feelings about some of the items chosen to be in the top 50. While there were some great pieces and it was tough to decide who to vote for there were things that should be in there because they weren’t near the caliber. Whatever. I voted for #14 because it’s gorgeous, the collar is terrific (what about it isn’t?) and it’s something I could see myself picking up if I had seen it in a store.

  • Ea6d205f88f34c810885923662e84efc1d0553a0_large

    Oct 5, 2010, 02.44 PMby dragonbabies

    I voted for number 39. Such an amazing job matching the plaids. That and it is so adorable. Did anyone notice the bows on her shoes? They look like they are made from the same plaid. Way to go!!!

  • Headshot_large

    Oct 5, 2010, 12.52 PMby Sadie Fox Metter

    Can I vote for myself? Okay, I did. Number 26! Actually, there are about five incredible designs and I am in awe of the talent. However, I REALLY need a new Rowenta iron, so I still vote for me. Awesome job BurdaStyle members!

    1 Reply
    • Highschool2007_large

      Oct 7, 2010, 09.18 PMby lanni-lantto

      totally agree! so much talent i’m in awe and so happy people are remaking clothes. but my iron of 11 years just died on me and momma needs a new one so i put my vote in for #12. although your design was one of the ones i would have voted for! best of luck!

  • Etsy_large

    Oct 5, 2010, 11.11 AMby kmaxa

    Love the red jacket with the exaggerated collar. Awesome job updating the look, and great craftmenship.

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