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Who’s ready to party!? You guys really showed your skills for this competition and we are so thrilled to share the top 50 entries in our Party Through the Decades Competition presented by BERNINA 3 Series! Congratulations to everyone who participated! It was really difficult for us to narrow it down. Check out the slide show of the top 50 garments and the inspiration behind them and vote for your favorite.

Everyone has an event they need a party outfit for this season, so after you’ve made your pick we want to know: Which entry did you chose and what event you would wear that garment to? Leave your comments below!

We can’t wait to see which garments you chose! Voting closes at 4 pm EST on Wednesday December 8th, so check out the final entries and pick your favorite. Remember, you can’t vote for the same look twice, but you can vote for as many different looks as you like!

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  • Aletheasmall_large

    Dec 8, 2010, 09.11 PMby alethea

    Since it was “decades” of style, I was disappointed to see very few from early decades. I should have done something more modern but many entries seemed to be from the same time period. Nonetheless, good luck to those who made the top 50!

  • My_icon_woman_2009_large

    Dec 8, 2010, 02.22 PMby jannav

    What fun to select styles that appeal to me. My top fav is I believe number 4, the long, simple, bias dress is so elegant and so simple.

  • Image_large

    Dec 2, 2010, 06.37 AMby luxihere

    I voted for a few..but i must admit that the entire list was not that spectacular..there were few dresses which were just awesome and some outright so normal and did not relate to any era in particular ..this is my personal opinion and i stand by it. not sure what basis they chose the list, i am not saying this just because mine did not make it to the list, but becoz there were quite a few which were so naive and have made it to the list and the list did not encompass many of the eras… hmm neways best of luck to those chosen…

    1 Reply
    • Newglasses_large

      Dec 3, 2010, 12.01 AMby mrsnkwong

      I agree, I was less than enthralled with the selection. From what WAS chosen, I recognize that they chose technicality over inspiration and overall cohesive look.
      The judges seemed to choose from all the work put in ex: ruffles, tiers, seams, etc.
      Which personally is a little disappointing. I felt the idea of the competition was to take inspiration, portray it with the best of your abilities in technique and create a whole inspired look.
      I think some of the garments are fabulous, and I think others are lackluster- but to each their own.

  • 100_1411_2__large

    Dec 1, 2010, 11.41 PMby pambox

    i think i should respond/explain myself better. i’m sure part of the reason i posted my comment is that i’m busy and stressed with other things at the moment so i might normally have missed out on being shortlisted and just thought ‘oh well’ but this time because of other things any dissappointment seems a bit magnified and out of perspective. but it was also that 50 seemed like a lot of entries (i missed it saying that was how many would be chosen, but i’ll accept it did say that and i just missed it). i guess seeing as the end of month ‘best ofs’ are much shorter i thought any short list would be closer to that, say 25-30 entries, or it would be all entries – but with so many entries i guess that would be hard. and of course everyone has different tastes of what looks they like, and different ideas of how to interpret the challenge, so not everyone is going to agree on what is the best or their favourite and choosing the shortlist must have been difficult. well good luck to those who did get selected. now to choose who to vote for…

  • Vatten_large

    Dec 1, 2010, 03.39 PMby ichigogirl

    My favourite wasn’t in it…. I still voted for a few. Good luck all contestants!

  • Headshot_large

    Dec 1, 2010, 01.11 AMby tinybows

    Thank you so much for selecting me to be part of the 50, I feel very honored!!! <3

  • Holliebell_large

    Nov 30, 2010, 11.59 PMby freakusbzzz

    I’m so disapointed! My favourite two entries didn’t even get into the top 50!

  • Missing

    Nov 30, 2010, 11.56 PMby grandmasewnsew

    I voted for #4. Some of the styles were not to my taste and I guess a variety of styles were selected. There were many great ones to choose from. It may be that some may not have been executed as the judges wanted so that may have been the deciding factor in not including some but there were many great styles not included. Good luck to all.

  • Bneprwb2kkgrhquh-csetr30ufklblic4ttew_14_large

    Nov 30, 2010, 09.19 PMby alise101

    Congrats to all the made it into the final 50. There are some amazingly talented people out there and I believe that everyone who made an entry should pat themselves on the back for at least getting a beautiful project done and putting yourself out there with it! I’m sure it was very difficult to narrow it down and with any contest like this being very subjective, I think that everyone who submitted (even if you weren’t chosen as a finalist) should know that you did a great job!

  • Img_1414_large

    Nov 30, 2010, 08.55 PMby Syrena B

    I wanted to do this but hubby decided it was time for a remodeling project and now my sewing room is once again a store room… temporarily!

  • Small_mom_large

    Nov 30, 2010, 08.20 PMby rdejam

    Wow! There are a lot of talented people sewing. I had a hard time narrowing it down. There were several that were just amazing! The construction on a few was outstanding! Kudos to everyone who participated!

  • Naburdaprofil_large

    Nov 30, 2010, 07.16 PMby janul

    Hm, my favorites don´t have much votes! Oh well.

  • Avuntitled_1_large

    Nov 30, 2010, 02.51 PMby crocka

    There are some great outfits in here! Good luck to all the contestants!!

  • 2_dsc_1140_large

    Nov 30, 2010, 01.41 PMby magdamagda

    an overview of all entries would be nice indeed!

    Thank you Burdastyle for an international competition, hoping it will happen again soon! It was really good for me to get to work and do something else than I normally do, I have learnt quite a few things or rediscovered old things abt me and all in one it was FUN-FUN-FUN! Now I don’t have to run after my two rabbits anymore, on to run after 50 without any holdbacks I could have had if I was still in:))

  • Dscn5250_large

    Nov 30, 2010, 12.03 PMby mixtlii

    I love all types of competitions, and I’m always very enthusiastic (even though sometimes I’m unrealistic!)

    But by looking at the competitions that have been carried out here on Burdastyle, I think it is quite unfair… Over all, many many projects are fantastic, but people don’t vote for the same reasons, and I think that’s why a lot of persons are disappointed afterward.

    For example, including all the eras may not be judicious because many people are fond of the 50s or 40s, so they will probably vote for dresses from that era even though some other dresses are great but less in their styles.

    Or in the last competition, some people said that they didn’t vote for many of the outfits presented because they thought they were “unwearable” (too eccentric, too short, too odd…) But that wasn’t the point!

    Also, some persons think they should award the technique, other the originality.

    So after all, I wonder if it is a good idea that everyone vote. It could be half members votes and half Burdastyle team votes. But then, the one that gets the most votes by members might not win and not understand why. Maybe only Burdastyle or Sponsor team?

    Can’t tell! But this sure is a delicate topic!

  • Me1_large

    Nov 30, 2010, 08.43 AMby fashionfreek

    I voted on quite a few. I like the purple lace one to the 80’s striped one. There were a lot of nice dresses. I guess it would have been a bit simpler if only one or two eras where chosen at a time…so then everyone had kind of a fighting chance to win because I think and I am sure the people who selected the final fifty would agree that there may have been some good ones but only fifty had to chosen.

    Anyway i don’t make the rules:O)

    Anyway all the best!

  • Image_large

    Nov 30, 2010, 05.06 AMby loyl8

    well to support myself I voted for myself and I’m planning to wear it on NYE this year. I also voted for a few others: Kelepso’s was the only guys on I think and he did a very nice job. I do wish I had better pics that can make or break and outfit sometimes. I think everyone did very good and I was happy to see it international. Maybe after the voting then they will post everyones.

  • 100_1411_2__large

    Nov 30, 2010, 04.27 AMby pambox

    sorry to be a bit negative, but how many entries were left out of the final list? because for me it’s dissappointing that there was finally a competition open to everyone rather than just americans, i put in effort to come up with what i thought was a creative idea, and it feels like i have nothing to show for it. i didn’t think mine was anywhere near the best, but i’d still hoped that all entries would be included in the slide show. i’m sure i’m not the only person who feels sad to have been left out.

    3 Replies
    • 1253ef6da08f9a1c901d80b9de58822a5056c690_large

      Nov 30, 2010, 11.37 AMby candyjoyce


      I check out the Burdastyle projects pages almost every day and there were a ton of projects submitted for this competition. I don’t know how many exactly but if you search for projects with Bernina in the title there are over 200.

      While it’s a shame that not everybody who entered gets in the gallery it was stated on the competition blurb that only 50 projects would get shortlisted.

      I thought your project was cool and I don’t think you can say that you have nothing to show for it because, hey, you have your cool architectural dress and you still have your project page with lots of nice comments about your garment.

      I for one am glad that Burda opened up a competition to the international members and I hope they repeat it in the future. Sometimes a competition brief can be interesting just to get you thinking in a different way or looking at a different aspect of fashion/inspiration.

      Thanks for letting me share my views.


    • Avawa_large

      Nov 30, 2010, 12.12 PMby analogue

      Hey Pambox, I know it’s not much consolation, but I was surprised not to see your entry in the top 50, as I thought it was one of the most original ideas and a great dress. I realise it must have been hard to narrow it down from about 170 entries to just 50, but some of what I believed to be the best designs were left out – and I’m not talking about my own here, I know it wasn’t one of the best but I enjoyed making and wearing my outfit which is most important to me. A slideshow of all entries may have been fairer, but then that was never the plan. Good luck to those who made it in the top 50!

    • Img_20160222_155241214_large

      Nov 30, 2010, 10.47 PMby milkyway

      Hey pambox, your project is very cool much creative of most on the list. I just wanted to know who choose? who deliberate? or just the basis the projects are choosen on this site, as well as Featured Members?? anyway, I was also dissapointed not finding another very well created projects on the list.
      dont worry will be more competitions for sure

  • N70200127_31190275_9094_large

    Nov 30, 2010, 12.28 AMby srkshannon

    I wish that I would have gotten my act together to make something for this. Oh well. I will just have to make a dress anyway…like I need a reason

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