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Since all the gifts we plan to give at Christmas time are handmade (they’re handmade right? Right!), it seems a pity to wrap them in commercially made wrapping paper. Think of the impact on the earth that stuff has, it’s torn into and stuffed into the already overflowing rubbish bins the day after Christmas. You know where it goes right? Yup, straight into a hole in the ground. And how many trees are used to produce it? A ridiculous amount that’s right! So maybe you’d like to try alternative ways of wrapping your gifts this year. One option is to reuse packaging, i keep paper from gifts given to my family, i just flatten it out (sometimes i iron it) and reuse it. Another option is to make reusable bags. These can be made in any size and are really easy to make, I have made up a simple how-to which you can see here. All you need is a rectangle of fabric and some ribbon for the drawstring. Once Christmas is over the recipient of your beautiful handmade gift can reuse their drawstring bag for something else or pass on the handmade love by using it for another gift.


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    Dec 28, 2016, 01.35 AMby lucinamaoka1969

    There is always a way with it. Most especially if one has the skills. – Morgan Exteriors

  • Men_s_face_19_large

    Dec 20, 2012, 06.09 AMby Prince Yuan Chua

    I love this idea. Fabric is one the great gift wrapping idea I ever thought.

  • Caa9248654dcf02f44aa0fea4eb5e5d1c4b1c7a1_large

    Oct 13, 2010, 01.09 AMby sewinl0ve

    Haha, I actually used fabric to wrap a gift for a friend a few months ago because I didn’t have any pretty wrapping paper. She likes to sew and I thought it would be appropriate to wrap it in something she could use for a project. Didn’t think about it saving the earth – I just thought it was cuter than paper! I simply used a yard I had as if it were wrapping paper and secured it with safety pins. It was a hit so I was planning on doing that from now on. I also thought about making a more sturdy giftbag using a paper giftbag as a pattern to cut the fabric and use some facing, then line it and sew on some ribbon for the handles so the bag could double as a reusable shopping bag but better than those flimsy ones they sell at the store that just fall apart. If I ever get around to it I’ll be sure to post a tutorial. I think you guys have really started something great!

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    Sep 25, 2010, 07.14 PMby jane-the-rip-stitcher

    I won’t make all my gifts but the gift bags are a great idea, I have a lot of quilting cotton i will never use except maybe for a gift bag

  • Profile_large

    Sep 23, 2010, 04.10 AMby changstine

    this is a brilliant idea! how about giving the recipient an extra drawstring in an alternate color so it’s not so “christmas-y” and can be used through out the year!

  • 182_8218_large

    Apr 23, 2010, 06.55 AMby kiwi-sandi

    I have made wheatpack / throwing bags and smaller gift bags filled with homemade sweets for my daughters party guests which were a huge hit. Also made bags using christmas fabric to insert small gift to hang on tree. Great to see some kids still appreciate the home made things.

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    Apr 13, 2010, 07.24 PMby vegakitty

    I’ve made gift totes the last several years, and they’ve never failed to be a hit. My Bible study has a yearly white elephant party that is a lot of fun, and the main focus of the party is the stack of brightly wrapped Heaven knows what that people get to pick from. Even the times that I’ve given totes that weren’t “perfect” have been a hit. I did that last year – filled a denim tote I’d made where the lining hadn’t gone in exactly right with stationery items, and the person who received it was thrilled. She now uses the tote to carry books for her job.

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    Dec 31, 2009, 02.40 AMby eorpe

    I first started making gift bags a few years ago, and distributed tons of them to my family – now I get thanks every Christmas for the time and mess it saves them! There are a lot of gorgeous Christmas fabrics around (I buy them on discount after the holidays to make next years’ bags). For a really special look I machine-embroidered some of them. It looks just as festive under the tree as wrapping paper. It may be a greater initial time investment, but it saves so much in the long run. I’ve now started making gift bags for all occasions – I think a lot of people appreciate the bag as an important part of the gift.

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    Dec 28, 2008, 10.57 AMby genfocus

    I have made fabrc gift bags for over 20 years. Ribbon scraps work well as ties. Just sew ribbon at the seam line a few inches from the top. It depends on the bag size and fabric weight. I have also used fabric from old dresses to make bags, fabric bows, yo-yos to decorate as well as lace, ribbons and ruffles. Sometimes I make a box shape and use plastic canvas or cardboard to stiffen the bottom. Thick craft yarn and crocheted cord also makes good ties.

    Alison in Winnipeg

  • 2ec794ad0aab31308b80ae690170adc92f1f5e0e_large

    Nov 28, 2008, 07.51 AMby marmota-b

    Thank you VERY MUCH for reminding me while there’s still time to make them! I’ve wanted to use this kind of wrapping for quite some time already, but I always realise it when I don’t have enough time to sew it (because sewing always takes a lot of time for me.) So, thanks again.

  • Ea2edb6a404bcc432ab73c6c058d91e982ef9e48_large

    Nov 25, 2008, 12.44 AMby erdronen

    I was already planning to make some of these :) They’re so useful! And really, who couldn’t use another bag?

  • 0cd3727fe41a14c7f27f70a7ed9fba52b6b685fb_large

    Nov 24, 2008, 09.49 PMby escorpio

    It’s a great idea – and so simple. I might make some for my (store-bought) gifts. To my defense, we are moving to a house so probably won’t have time to make all of the gifts, but maybe some gift bags for wrapping.

  • 505ae354dbb584c111d2f94c89b0881dbeec7e77_large

    Nov 24, 2008, 05.52 AMby lyndi

    i beat you to it… see my handmade gift bags on my page:)

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