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Are you afraid of prints? You better come to terms with that fear quick because this Spring is going to be full of them. From fruit bowls to flower beds to planets in space (courtesy of JPG), designers were taking inspiration from loads of different places and splashing them on everything from tops to jumpsuits for their collections. Check out the most popular – and eye popping – prints of the season and try the trend out on a few patterns perfect for testing out the look!

The Print – Fruity Pebbles
Stella McCartney and Miuccia Prada were digging through the fruit bin for their Spring collections. Are you brave enough to sport a banana printed shirt or pay homage to citrus fruits on your suit jacket?


The Print – Punchy Florals
Head-to-toe print is hard enough to pull off on it’s own – I envy the girl with enough gusto to sport giant floral head-to-toe print! It’s definitely not for everyone.


The Print – Mixed Media
Even harder than sporting one print is mixing them. The trick to mashing up your prints is to make sure they’re in the same color family. Find a similar shade between the two and try to mix prints that are very different from each other, that way it looks a little more purposeful and not like you got dressed in the dark.


If you need a bit of guidance, SUNO executes the mixed print look perfectly. Zebra and polka dots? Shouldn’t work, but somehow they make it look chic and effortless.


The Print – Boho
Are you tired of the boho trend yet? I can do without hippie fashion myself, but these bright paisley and ethnic prints are decidedly more refined and give off that whole gypset air.


The Print – Graphic/Digital
Totally modern, these digitally printed pieces are nothing short of wearable art. I’m especially fond of the large scale prints on Mary Katrantzou dresses, and I love how she uses the graphics to accentuate interesting details and cuts on her garments.


And you can’t talk about prints without talking about Missoni! While they’re known for their weaving – not printing, they are the masters of creating and mixing different colors, textures and prints. If you need inspiration, look no further.


Are you ready to try prints out for yourself? Check out these patterns to get you started!
-Simple shapes are a really good place to start when you’re working with prints. The Slouchy Blouse is easy to work with so you can worry about other things like making sure those prints match up!
-The Jocelyn Top is the perfect piece to channel Mary Katrantzou’s digital architecture. Use the interesting shape to bring out a cool, abstract print.
-Another great simple shape is a Cap Sleeve Mini Dress which is also a fantastic backdrop for a large print.
-Daring enough to try out a printed pant? It’s not as scary as you think! Cropped Pants are really popular for spring and you want to make sure that if you are putting prints on your lower half that the silhouette is sleek and tailored.

-If you’re more skilled in the ways of crafting garments, try making a Suit Jacket with printed fabric. It’s a fun way to dress up your more basic pieces.
-An all over print Bubble Skirt might be a bit much, but using one large print (like in the case of the Jil Sander ensemble) will be on-trend but not overwhelming.
-Embrace boho chic with a printed Maxi Skirt, but remember the difference between hippie and refined is all in the pattern you pick. Opt for bright paisleys and ethnic ikat prints.
-From the minute I saw this Dress with Scarf pattern I thought it would be great to make the dress in a solid color and the scarf in a lightweight, printed silk or jersey. What do you think?

Do you have any tips for working with prints? What is your favorite way to utilize printed fabric? Garments? Trim? Accessories?


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    Mar 14, 2012, 06.27 PMby Karolina Pawlak – my design was inspired by the spring patterns. check it out and vote for seguana, manorhouse @

  • Missing

    Mar 9, 2011, 04.08 AMby Patricia Osborne

    I love bold bright prints. Would not have a issue with wearing them. My desire is to have the ability to mix prints. Marrying them together in a beautiful textured work of art.

  • Fbbbf522b1f6a80ac2ed34d4ccd6d4e181999d96_large

    Feb 2, 2011, 02.47 PMby RetroFlowerChick

    Yikes! These prints and patterns are hideous! It seems like a desperate attempt at making 80’s fashion somehow crazier and bolder – as though the 80’s weren’t weird enough on their own. Good luck to anyone who manages to succeed and look the slightest bit chic in the process.

  • 100_4791_large

    Jan 27, 2011, 12.46 PMby wordchick

    Loving it…! I have at least six bold prints in my stash; I just need to decide where to go from here!

  • Missing

    Jan 26, 2011, 02.55 PMby Retrojean

    Ooh – I LOVE abstract prints and bright colors! Mixing them with black is eye-popping! Just wish I could find that stuff in fabric stores. That’s always my biggest frustration.

  • Missing

    Jan 25, 2011, 10.41 PMby bumpkin

    Those large prints are murder on those of us who are fuller-figured. Perhaps if we use the larger print on the body parts we want to enhance, and either solids or tiny prints on the body parts we want to diminish, we could create a great look. I can just see the punchy fruity pants set near the top with a larger solid V-shaped inset in the hips of that pants set, in the same tone as the background off-white under the fruits! All those huge prints are rather fun on the twiggy-models, but for us real-bodied folk, we have to modify, modify, modify, in order to avoid embarrassment.

  • Img_0960_large

    Jan 25, 2011, 09.58 PMby splendarose

    I absolutely love the look of these prints! These prints are light and fun! I especially love the top and matching pants in citrus fruits print. I would covet that pattern!

    1 Reply
    • Fase_large

      Jan 25, 2011, 10.03 PMby themisslinds

      A lot of people hated that Stella McCartney print, I think it’s so fun – definitely not for the wallflower types though!

  • Hs_headshot_3_cropped_large

    Jan 25, 2011, 09.50 PMby Heather Stewart

    I can’t wait to use a bold print on a dress or shirt for spring. I have some yardage with birds and foliage in burgundy and apple green that will be lovely!

  • Missing

    Jan 24, 2011, 08.31 PMby JOJO678


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  • 5196510037_0646d0f80e_o_large

    Jan 24, 2011, 04.31 PMby kelepso

    The fruity pebble prints are questionable. I’m not sure if I like those at all. I love the idea of mixing prints and the red/blue floral suit is really sharp. I haven’t worked with prints yet, but hopefully, I’ll have the chance in the near future.

  • Orchid_large

    Jan 23, 2011, 07.42 PMby iljalamalice

    I don’t like it at all.

  • Dtg2zgrzsuao_5ejh-_ymzbs9qgrlobfcdcgqdqaouygozg11bymcgr1rk4z4i8f_large

    Jan 23, 2011, 03.33 PMby nutmeg1

    Oh lord, the clothes in that first photo collage are atrocious, lol. Some great prints and styles in the other ones though!

  • 20150117_152733_large

    Jan 22, 2011, 11.54 PMby mlssfshn

    Beautiful, lovely! I love the print designs from Abi Ferrin

    1 Reply
    • Missing

      Jan 25, 2011, 09.40 PMby bumpkin

      well, perhaps in silk, but, I STILL think they look like jammies!

  • Sea_medley_art_yard_large

    Jan 22, 2011, 02.19 PMby sardinemaiden

    I love prints head to toe! I guess instead of being a freak this year I can be a fashion victim! ha! I think odd or unusual color combinations are very nice.

  • Dsc_0095_large

    Jan 22, 2011, 12.13 AMby nessen1

    love the mix and matching of the prints! i wish to do so my self!

  • Image_large

    Jan 21, 2011, 11.55 PMby loyl8

    i love prints prints prints and mixing!!!! Im a very eclectic person. I am making that Missoni hat this year and a ton of other stuff too!!! Thanks for this rad post!!

  • Missing

    Jan 21, 2011, 05.35 PMby Ellen Den Dulk

    I still have Dutch fashion pattern magazines from the 80’s (I think) that show very similar pictures. I was a teenager when that was in style. In a toned down version I guess I would not mind giving it a try.

  • J_avatar_large

    Jan 21, 2011, 04.53 PMby jenyjenny

    Whoa, daddy! Thanks for the glimmer of spring, gives me some good inspiration

  • Profile_large

    Jan 21, 2011, 02.24 PMby amaydak

    I love unique prints! Although i could do without the fruit, floral and geometric prints are definitely on my to-do list!

    This post was definitely a fun read, but a bit torturous when Spring seem so far away. sigh ;)

    1 Reply
    • Fase_large

      Jan 21, 2011, 02.56 PMby themisslinds

      oh i know – i’m so over winter right now!

  • Avatar_large

    Jan 21, 2011, 12.16 PMby kkhb

    I would even wear the fruity ones in the top row but not with the straight faces they’re all sporting!

  • Gres_headress_1957_large

    Jan 21, 2011, 06.20 AMby tasallison

    yay! fun clothing! finally!

  • P1010585_large

    Jan 21, 2011, 02.28 AMby lennert

    Bold prints can be very interesting… Not too sure about the Stella Mccartney lemons though…But hey, whatever floats your boat!

  • Me_large

    Jan 21, 2011, 01.48 AMby NYAM Afia Cayee'

    I am really loving the bright prints and contrasts. I have plans for some stripes and prints I will try to put together. I really love this!

  • Hallaa_large

    Jan 20, 2011, 10.47 PMby aleah

    I want to make myself a super cute floral jacket, or perhaps some shorts – but that’s about it. I don’t like huge patterns.
  • 560186_168634819951461_38695790_n_large

    Jan 20, 2011, 09.56 PMby meegie-moo

    I’m loving the Missoni prints and have always liked the boho look. I have quite a bit of patterned fabric but haven’ worked out what to create! I usually wear very neutral tones, so bright colours and bold prints is what i’m trying to focus on in 2011!

    Currently working on a electric blue maxi dress which has bright yellow flowers wih a purple centre splashed all over. Hoping it turns out ok and I can share with the Burdastyle community!

  • 6e3656aa7036783b3e4bbc29f34d1029385afafe_large

    Jan 20, 2011, 09.54 PMby wzrdreams

    I LOVE prints, but I’m super picky about what I think is pretty/ugly. I’ll definitely be working with prints this spring.

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