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Have you ever wondered what/how much you make in a given year? One of my New Year’s resolutions of 2010 was to journal information about the projects I made, chronicling what patterns (if any) I used, the amount of yardage, and who or what it was for. I’ll admit after several months, I just gave up keeping track of how much material I used (sometimes it was less than a pattern called for, sometimes I used more if I ‘experimented’ with design and it all became too much work), but I never stopped recording all the items I made…. and it payed off one year later.

Not only was I able to see what types of projects I was making (apparently, for me 2010 was the “Year of the Apron”), but I was astonished to see how productive I really was (109 items in total)… even though I never felt like I accomplished that much. This year, I’ve vowed to do the same – minus the yardages used. So who’s with me in journaling their 2011 projects? What information do you intend on recording?


  • Avatardaiyami2transparent_large

    Jan 10, 2011, 09.38 PMby daiyami

    I journal mine, although I do it on the computer, not in a book. I used the program Bento to set up something for me that sounds a lot like what Ravelry offers—I track patterns, stash, etc, and then also projects. For projects, I note how much time each takes me, when I started and finished, what fabric and notions I used, a rough guess at cost (so I loosely track yardage per project), and an open field for Notes so I know what changes I made, etc. I can attach pictures, although I often forget to take them in progress. (I’m a novice sewist, and I knew I would want to track stuff, so once I knew I was going to keep sewing, I said “must set this up now or else I never will.” I think I was only on project #3 then).

    It’s not set up to answer the question “did you sew more fabric than you bought this year?” I don’t think I want to know. :-)

  • Missing

    Jan 10, 2011, 12.13 AMby Courtney Lewis

    I really wish that the sewing/quilting world would have an equivalent of Ravelry (for knitters). There I can keep track of my stash, projects, equipment, library of books and magazines for patterns, and peruse the latest designers for patterns. Why can’t someone do it for fabric? sigh

  • Egypt_large

    Jan 7, 2011, 04.14 PMby audie2002

    I do this! I don’t do yardage, but I paste insparation photos, what it was for, fabric swatches, start and finish date and also completed photos. I started just because I can only imagine how cool it would be to see the same thing from my mom or grandma!

  • Poe_large

    Jan 6, 2011, 03.05 AMby ladykatza

    My friend gave me a hand bound leather journal from Italy. It is beautiful and had been sitting on her shelf for years. She said “here, to keep your sewing project ideas in”. Since I like to scrapbook and journal A LOT, it was perfect.

  • Photo_on_2011-12-16_at_16_16_2_large

    Jan 6, 2011, 01.45 AMby peachypanda

    great idea! i need to start this up too. will be so much fun

  • Wenlanskirt4_large

    Jan 6, 2011, 01.27 AMby elisabetsy

    Yes! I also started a craft-specific journal in 2010 partly because I had a lot of blank books I wasn’t using and partly because I’m usually working on several projects at a time and wanted to document a timeline for finishing things. Journally has helped me keep focus and motivates me to finish some of what I start, noting trouble spots and favorites too. Makes it very satisfactory to see things through to completion! I include everything from mending a button to sewing, creating/altering patterns, knitting, crocheting,… WIll continue for 2011 for sure!

  • Missing

    Jan 6, 2011, 01.04 AMby jeanniedawson

    This is a great idea! My only issue is that I do so much sewing for others and not that much for myself. Maybe doing this will help me get an idea of how much I actually do.

  • Image_large

    Jan 5, 2011, 10.43 PMby chanelleaj

    I love the idea, I’ve been contemplating buying a polaroid camera for exactly this kind of project – i’m in!

  • Image_large

    Jan 5, 2011, 10.42 PMby chanelleaj

    I love the idea, I’ve been contemplating buying a polaroid camera for exactly this kind of project – i’m in!

  • Img_7503b_large

    Jan 5, 2011, 09.54 PMby iroiro

    That is what a blog is for, I’m thinking. But saying that, I’m not sure I can be bothered to look back through the archives to see how much I made. Sewing might be ok..knitting and crochet would be in the hundreds. >.<

  • 5895503519_d42bddbd6c_o_1__large

    Jan 5, 2011, 09.29 PMby nikkishell

    I’ve started to do this in my journal. A drawing or copy of the pattern i’m making, the fabric used, cost, amount, content, other stuff used etc. Hopefully i can keep it up.

  • 6e3656aa7036783b3e4bbc29f34d1029385afafe_large

    Jan 5, 2011, 06.01 PMby wzrdreams

    I do this as well on a spreadsheet. I record start dates and finish dates, percent complete, what’s left to do, fabric, color, pattern, garment type, and I also keep track of priority. Using a spread sheet means I can quickly make adjustments and resort by different criteria.

    Some of this information I would love to see integrated into the project pages here on Burdastyle, where all my finished objects are. If our “studio” had the capabilities to hold works in progress I could share more about the process, and we could do sew alongs!

    3 Replies
    • Idea3photo3_large

      Jan 5, 2011, 07.53 PMby laken

      I thought there was a section in the studio… – save as draft, etc or do you mean publish-able each step? Cos that would be interesting – if you wanted / needed help / advice from fellow seamsters on a particular step…

      I too think this is a marvelous idea (the sewing journal) and I might just join in!

    • Dandelion_large

      Jan 6, 2011, 06.18 PMby graveflower

      I just emailed to suggest this a week ago! I highly agree. Sounds like your idea is an improvement on mine.

    • 6e3656aa7036783b3e4bbc29f34d1029385afafe_large

      Jan 6, 2011, 09.48 PMby wzrdreams

      I have a bunch of dead and duplicate projects in save-as-draft-limbo. That category of project isn’t public and gets shunted to the bottom of the list were I can’t see it so I don’t think it’s very useful. Which brings me to another related wish; I want the projects in my studio to be sortable by a variety of some options (finish date, season, garment type, favorite, etc…).

  • Amelia_large

    Jan 5, 2011, 05.07 PMby kimberleejean

    I have a crazy notebook that I carry everywhere to jot down projects, ideas, notes and whatnot. It also has taped in pictures of clothes and accessories I would like to make, and sometimes corresponding patterns. Shopping lists for projects, and oddly a list of songs I like, exist happily alongside each other. I need to get a new one, but I figure I’ll rubber-band it to this one.

    I think everyone should keep one!

  • J_avatar_large

    Jan 5, 2011, 01.29 PMby jenyjenny

    Toward the end of last year, I started writing a “planning matrix” at the beginning of each month, with the project and the various important steps: cutting, sewing, embroidering, finishing. I’d check off the steps when I did them, then if I had unfinished items, I’d add them to the next month. It was good to see at a glance where I was in a project, and not forget some I had planned but then got distracted from doing.

  • Sdc11624_large

    Jan 5, 2011, 12.57 PMby missycas17

    Doing it! :)

  • Img_7296_large

    Jan 5, 2011, 12.52 PMby tonierenee

    I’m in. I guess I should start logging the unfinished items of last year and note where I stopped on them. It is usually because it is not coming out the way I want due to lack of skill. (at least then I’d have a log of what I need to learn) And I would be able to see my growth as well as productivity. I’m excited to grow! Let’s get started! Happy New Year everyone!

  • Avatar_large

    Jan 5, 2011, 10.31 AMby blackberrygirl

    Nice idea!

    I’m in! :)

  • Missing

    Jan 5, 2011, 01.43 AMby sewsusan

    How interesting to come across this…on January 2nd, I started a personal blog to keep a photo journal of my projects. I think a written journal is a great idea and will use it to supplement the photo diary by noting the pattern used, a swatch of the fabric used, and adjustments/design changes.

  • Mjeaster_large

    Jan 5, 2011, 12.25 AMby emjay417

    I literally bought a spiral notebook yesterday just for this!! I’m in :)

  • Akto_large

    Jan 5, 2011, 12.00 AMby Imenka Bezprezimenkovska

    I have such a long list… But I see my style defined this year … =)

  • Img_5772_1_large

    Jan 4, 2011, 07.08 PMby bhs

    It is great idea. I used to scrap some notes one a piece of paper, but they always disappear. I think I must join.

  • Dandelion_large

    Jan 4, 2011, 06.49 PMby graveflower

    I am going to do this now that you mention it. Thanks!

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