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In an article in this morning’s WWD, Rosemary Feitelberg highlighted that both The Design Trust for Public Space and the Council of Fashion Designers of America are collaborating on a project to hopefully revitalize New York City’s Garment District through their Making Midtown: Sustaining Design and Production in an Evolving Garment Center initiative.

A three-part plan that aims to reinvigorate design, manufacturing and production in the garment district, the group is looking to submit formal proposals to city officials early next year. In preparation, the DTPS and the CFDA will be holding open workshops in the Fall for anyone who wants to learn more about the district or contribute an idea to the revitalization initiative. So it got me thinking, what would you do to boost the Garment District? How would you make it the epicenter of fashion design and production once again? Share your thoughts and ideas below!


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    Jun 29, 2011, 08.52 AMby tine94

    Explanations into why upperclass/brand clothes cost so much would be lovely. Is there any effort put into these, is the fabric exclusive? Brands giving the opportunity for unknown designers to design and make clothes.

  • 1uawbyoiaaaed3ctfilhudisb_128_large

    Jun 28, 2011, 06.40 PMby LimeSoda

    It’s not just convincing Americans to purchase American-made clothing that will boost production in the US again, it’s where there’s a cost benefit for BOTH the manufacturers and the workers alike converge. Unfortunately it’s the high cost of living in NYC that will make NYC a tough destination for manufacturers now. This is why R&D and manufacturing in other industries are placed overseas and not here. In the past two decades a group of highly skilled workers has sprung up in other countries that simply don’t have the requirement of even the basic salary that US workers here need to make just ends meet..

    Perhaps as someone suggested it needs to switch to states where the cost of living is much lower.

  • 6e3656aa7036783b3e4bbc29f34d1029385afafe_large

    Jun 28, 2011, 05.22 PMby wzrdreams

    We have to make manufacturing in NYC a realistic and cost effective option for designers. Companies overseas can compete on price but often have high minimums (thousands) for production. If it were affordable to produce smaller units in NYC at a reasonable price it might help eliminate a lot of logistical problems (such as freight, customs duties and timing) for up and coming designers. If smaller units were possible, there would be a lot less waste in unpurchased units that have to be stored domestically and ultimately use up resources.

    I don’t know exactly what it takes to run a profitable garment manufacturing company in NYC, but it would be so rewarding to create jobs here! I think a more realistic approach would be to have manufacturing jobs in South Carolina, were they have a history of textile production and were it would probably be less expensive to have a manufacturing company operate… and it would still be made in the USA.

  • Vintage_lady_resize_large

    Jun 27, 2011, 08.32 PMby vintagegal

    I think you have to find a way to convince Americans to buy American made clothing. There is so much cheap clothing imported from overseas. Buying domestic would create jobs, and I think, instill a sense of pride in our own fashion industry. I would like to see more designers committed to having their clothing made in this country. No simple answers for this issue, though…..

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