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If you could get a sewing pattern from your favorite designer in the world who would that be?

Pierre Balmain, Chanel, Chloe, Fendi, Krizia? Karl Lagerfeld has designed for all of these design houses in the past and these two looks are available for download this month if you’re ready to take on a fashion challenge a la Lagerfeld.
The elongated-front jacket is certainly an article of originality— what do you think of this look? It reminds me of Mad Max: Beyond Thunderdome with the over-exaggerated shoulder pads and overall girth. The front panels seem to fold upwards and button up underneath the armholes— perhaps leaving the panels hanging down would create a cool look?


The mini skirt seems more approachable (than the jacket at least) to the masses— well, the hemline could easily be lengthened for those who are not in the habit of donning a mini, and perhaps removing the folded-up hemline you could get a nice knee-length look? I would like to try this skirt in a waffle pique like the sample above, but I’d wear it with a soft blouse or t-shirt and cardigan, to dress it down a bit.


  • Leather_bow_large

    Nov 10, 2010, 08.13 PMby Sewing And Style

    I actually really hated these designs- Alice in Wonderland comes to mind

  • Missing

    Oct 28, 2010, 04.23 AMby rosannec

    This is a design from Lagerfeld’s Spring 2010 collection, look 3 specifically: http://www.style.com/fashionshows/review/S2010RTW-KLAGERFELD/ It is not a design specifically for Burda, but I love it just the same. I don’t think it’s an especially wearable silhouette except for the very modern or very young, but I love it just the same. It’s unique and edgy without being ridiculous. I contemplated making the skirt, but also making the jacket for my 2 year old daughter! How much fun would that be?!

  • London_on_va_beach_large

    Oct 27, 2010, 02.40 PMby studiokonet

    I am a huge fan of Karl Lagerfeld, but I am dissapointed with this particular ensemble. Not flattering at all. Give us some more of his more sophisticated designs. Other than Karl, I would love to see suit or dress patterns offered from AKRIS, DIOR, or Louis Vuitton. I would pay dearly for some hot suit pattern(s) with lots of fantastic detailing.

  • Missing

    Oct 27, 2010, 07.45 AMby concept-one-design

    The mini is the it, Karl is it. I think its aii in the fashion, the jacket is well just fashionnnn

  • Missing

    Oct 27, 2010, 03.51 AMby revivalfabrics

    The jacket does have a fun look to it, but looks inside out because of the pocket. Tall women could pull off this jacket but I’m not so sure about average or short heights. Love the look of the black skirt against the white, great contrast.

  • Missing

    Oct 27, 2010, 03.29 AMby aradhana

    these patterns look great, the jacket’s kind of witty…i will definitely try them out over the holidays…however i think i might need to adjust the skirt a tiny bit for length….

  • 7b4b1fa27f803c308f680d27d69a51951a70e877_large

    Oct 26, 2010, 10.16 PMby ayofemi

    The documentary about him was great!! It was part of a series on the IFC channel called Iconoclasts. They also did one on Valentino.

  • 4b0baf013b18d4c34c8f097033869a5329edfb8b_large

    Oct 26, 2010, 09.02 PMby corinneski

    I’m going to be a real philistine here – I just don’t get the thinking behind the jacket. It looks really attractive at first glance but would I wear it from a practical point of view, no. Why not? There seems to be a pocket on the underside of the turn up – how could you use them? And, I think the way the turn up is tucked into the armpit would be really uncomfortable. However, I do like the skirt. I think if you’ve got the legs, go for it. The hem that looks like a cuff is just a great idea – why haven’t we thought of it before? I guess that’s why KL is just great.

  • Img_20160222_155241214_large

    Oct 24, 2010, 01.05 AMby milkyway

    I made this jacket as soon as I get my monthly magazine. The pattern is so beautiful and elegant, the trumpet sleeves are so original too. Makes me feel special any time I wear it. I received lots of compliments. White is the perfect color for it. I ve seen other colors and really didnt work. Like the skirt, not too keen on it

    1 Reply
    • Dahlnyc_1352392376_600_large

      Oct 25, 2010, 06.18 PMby alisondahl

      Hi! I am happy to hear of someone who did make the jacket— can you share your pictures with us? We’d love to see.

  • Img_1230_large

    Oct 23, 2010, 03.01 AMby foliusdesign

    A Galliano bustier would be a dream come true!
  • Amelia_large

    Oct 22, 2010, 02.59 AMby kimberleejean

    I’d love some of Westwood’s patterns from her punk period. Just for fun.

  • Avatar3_large

    Oct 21, 2010, 05.18 PMby carottesauvage

    Alison, your dispassionate commentary makes me laugh! A bit of a miss but why not…. I would go for Anne-Valérie Hash, Isabel Marant and from the high-street franchise Comptoir des Cotonniers

    2 Replies
    • Dahlnyc_1352392376_600_large

      Oct 25, 2010, 06.20 PMby alisondahl

      I was going for “objective” vs “passionate” to start a discussion ;) I totally agree with Isabel Marant— love love love her.

    • Avatar3_large

      Oct 25, 2010, 06.24 PMby carottesauvage

      Hey Alison I wanted to reply but I hit ‘marked as inapropriate’, sorry ;(
      Yea Isabel Marant she makes me laugh too :)! (marant means funny in French!) Keep well!

  • Img_9194_large

    Oct 21, 2010, 08.38 AMby kihli

    I would chose a classical Christian Dior ball gown pattern!

  • Big_tri_large

    Oct 21, 2010, 03.09 AMby cantare

    I go with RachaelClaire: John Galliano. Absolute genius! Not that I could ever understand his pattern instructions or have enough fabric to make the red gradiation silk folded dress that I so love. Alexander McQueen is a close second. (on second thought I’ll just buy the dresses when I’m rich. ha)

    1 Reply
  • 89ef6911023a0809fc556642a148c2382b27efec_large

    Oct 20, 2010, 02.05 PMby claireokc

    Designer stuff is sneaky…what may appear funny or out of place, isn’t really once you either put it on your bod or make it up. I love this design and plan to make it up, but I think there’s a lot more to this than just the front part pinned up…and the fun thing is that it’s caused a lot of commotion!!!

    But every once in a while a designer needs to sort of “re-invent” himself/herself to keep himself/herself fresh. This is a little problem for older designers who have a stellar career…Karl is so creative and does so many creative things for so many houses, that it’s hard to criticize him for this. Like Yves St. Laurent, Christian Dior (although he passed so early), Valentino, Oscar de la Renta, these are some of the old stable of designers who are known for what they do, have their faithful clientele and it’s really hard for them to vary much from that. Designing and designers are a very funny business – fraught with pit falls and problems constantly…as Heidi Klum says on PR: You’re in one minute and out the next…ain’t it the truth.

  • Caa9248654dcf02f44aa0fea4eb5e5d1c4b1c7a1_large

    Oct 20, 2010, 02.04 PMby sewinl0ve

    Hmm. Not crazy about this outfit. I’m not sure it would flatter even an Oompa Loompa. I certainly wouldn’t pay 5 bucks for a download only to have to make improvements on it. That cute little number in black and white next to Lagerfeld’s portrait, however, now THAT would be worth paying for!

    1 Reply
  • Vintage_lady_resize_large

    Oct 20, 2010, 01.13 PMby vintagegal

    I would loved to have had a pattern for any of Alexander McQueen’s amazing gowns. He was/is my favorite modern designer. The jacket looks interesting enough to give a try…I think Karl has had more misses than hits the last few years.

    1 Reply
  • Vatten_large

    Oct 20, 2010, 09.08 AMby ichigogirl

    I like the KL skirt! Not sure it’s flattering for my non-curvy figure (=lack of waist) but I might give it a go, I’m really into little skirts at the moment. Mmmm… if I could wish for a pattern by any designer at all I’d choose Alber Elbaz (Lanvin)… that’d be such a dream!

  • 6e3656aa7036783b3e4bbc29f34d1029385afafe_large

    Oct 20, 2010, 12.31 AMby wzrdreams

    I like Balmain and Chloe, but Chanel is kinda over done and the Karl gives me the creeps. Still, I like that skirt well enough so into my shopping cart it goes.

  • Missing

    Oct 19, 2010, 10.40 PMby saintsflowers

    There is a show on fashion TV. It feature Karl. I love it. Show the behind scenes.

  • Poe_large

    Oct 19, 2010, 09.39 PMby ladykatza

    Give me Oscar de la Renta or Guy Laroche. At least they can design for women with curves.

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