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It’s time for our second annual Holiday Giveaway Calendar! Everyday in the month of December we are giving away an amazing prize! It’s super easy to enter, just leave your comment answering the bolded questions below by noon EST 12/9 and one lucky winner will be chosen at random from all eligible entries!

Today’s we are giving away a $100 gift certificate to Sawyer Brook Distinctive Fabrics.

Sawyer Brook Distinctive Fabrics

Beautiful fashions begin with beautiful fabrics. Our fabrics are sourced around the globe from the finest European mills to the batik factories in Bali… from hand looms in China and India to high-tech producers in France and Germany. We search the world for the finest in quality fibers, printmaking and unique surface designs. As a result, our online fabric store is the premiere source for high-quality, designer fabrics on the web.

Sewing buttons onto your custom garments has never been this much fun! In our online button shop, sewers will find unique styles from classic shirt buttons and dress buttons to fashionable coat and jacket buttons. For knitting, you will find designer buttons for sweaters and other custom garments. And for any sewing or craft project, browse through our distinctive collections of retro and novelty buttons, as well as our assortment of wooden and metal buttons for any creation.

Every order is a custom order. Over our 35 years in business we have taken pride in providing our customers with personalized service and satisfaction. It is our policy to give your order individualized attention. Our local warehouse is staffed by knowledgeable sewers who will give the same care to your order that they would give to their own, from beginning to end. We stand by our products.


To enter, just leave your comment answering this questions by noon EST 12/9:
What color do you most like to wear? What color would you like to wear, but don’t. Why?

We want to congratulate SaraBClever on winning yesterday’s Betz White’s book, Sewing Green and a 5 piece sample set of her amazing organic fabric! Her comment was chosen at random from all eligible entries. Thanks to everyone who entered and good luck in today’s giveaway!


  • Missing

    Oct 18, 2017, 09.46 AMby Jeff Snow

    Nice post this is a nice gift for my mother. PS https://acobsglobal.com

  • Missing

    Dec 18, 2009, 08.49 PMby nadnoda


  • Missing

    Dec 18, 2009, 08.44 PMby nadnoda

    I LIKE TO WEAR PINK & BLACK . I would like to wear WHITE but I can not cause it makes me look fat

  • P6180090_large

    Dec 14, 2009, 03.15 PMby keichenberg

    i want fabric!!

  • 10323_717937655288_26702263_41103128_1555121_n_large

    Dec 10, 2009, 06.16 AMby emmaneezer

    i really like to wear brown, or any variation of brownish tones (olive green, beige, etc.) I really LOVE the color orange, but I can’t seem to find a way to wear it without looking too “orange-y”

  • Hpim0082_large

    Dec 10, 2009, 05.35 AMby blmiller

    I love to wear red, it always stands out in a world of grey and black. I’d love to wear tangerine orange because it’s so bright and sunny, but anything I ever see made from it is really tacky.

  • Missing

    Dec 10, 2009, 02.58 AMby jacstar

    I am loving red at the moment. I would love to wear more yellow.

  • Zdj_cie066_large

    Dec 9, 2009, 09.44 PMby skwarynia

    I like to wear black and some calm colours, I don’t like to be seen from everywhere in the street:) I think that black is kind of elegant and it suits every occasion so wearing it is very practical:) I like to look very feminine and showing my curves and I think in black I look good. Although I wish I wore more colourful clothes, eg in red or blue. Unfortunately I’m not so confident so back to black:)

  • Missing

    Dec 9, 2009, 09.24 PMby typbarb

    I love to wear orange, and would like to wear yellow but it looks terrible on me.

  • Missing

    Dec 9, 2009, 08.45 PMby zbella

    I love wearing black but I would love to wear lime green, I don’t wear it cause I think I might look to washed out.

  • Photo_260_large

    Dec 9, 2009, 07.41 PMby spetersn

    I wear lots of cool colors and earth tones, but I would love to wear bright almost neon colors.

  • Project_runway_remake_rowenta_023-1_large

    Dec 9, 2009, 07.38 PMby nidhi

    I love to wear deep pink and white. would love to wear tomato red and turquoise but look too dark and dull in these.

  • Missing

    Dec 9, 2009, 07.24 PMby mlnvndrp

    I love to wear hot pink. I would love to wear green but I never do…

  • Missing

    Dec 9, 2009, 07.24 PMby mlnvndrp

    I love to wear hot pink. I would love to wear green but I never do…

  • Missing

    Dec 9, 2009, 07.24 PMby mlnvndrp

    I love to wear hot pink. I would love to wear green but I never do…

  • Missing

    Dec 9, 2009, 07.18 PMby Ana Neves

    My favorite color is green because is fresh and natural. I’d like to use more red but i feel like it doesn’t fit me.

  • R_large

    Dec 9, 2009, 06.40 PMby OnYourHead

    I love many colors,,I sau dark green!

  • 2fe00575923cd5204cb2c93717c19272cde54873_large

    Dec 9, 2009, 06.37 PMby just-fee

    I wear all colours but avoid brown, wearing colour makes me happy on a dull day!

  • Missing

    Dec 9, 2009, 06.30 PMby pkrueger9

    I like to wear burgundy and browns. I like light and lime greens but I don’t think they looks good with my coloring.

  • 4bce65d7b3cf842ae2850acc28e1354dc9960a7d_large

    Dec 9, 2009, 06.15 PMby andsewon

    The color I like to wear the most is orange, but not just any orange. It has to be rich and not too bright.

  • Missing

    Dec 9, 2009, 05.11 PMby corbae

    I love to wear olive green, and teal, and red, and brown… I wish with all my heart that I could wear mustard yellow, but it makes me look like I’m at death’s door. So I wear mustard yellow shoes, instead, and then I merely look like I need a double amputation ;)

  • 8299af47f855dd2d9177aae0771c50a887924604_large

    Dec 9, 2009, 05.06 PMby eyeofthebeholder

    Love to wear brown and orange, would love to wear red- but makes me look ill.

  • Missing

    Dec 9, 2009, 04.57 PMby lester

    When the temperatures are above 60°, I normally wear green/dark turquoise/teal. But, when the temps are below 60°, I don’t have that many options, so I have been sticking with black. I would really like to be able to wear yellow or cream, but my skin tone does not allow me to wear those colors.

  • Missing

    Dec 9, 2009, 04.52 PMby thisdamselflies

    I most like to wear navy blue because it makes my gray-blue eyes stand out. I would like to wear golden yellow, but I don’t because I have yet to find or make an item I love in that color.

  • 77f623d9fa4eb92cea5fbb1521cae119b23d8968_large

    Dec 9, 2009, 04.45 PMby trinashere

    I have the blessing of being able to wear almost any color I like and I have clothes from fuschia to olive green. Since I dyed my hair black though, I’ve been sticking to a lot of darker shades, also great for the winter season. I honestly can’t think of a shade that I won’t wear!

  • 6d2caa407bd952160db32c4fc7a5c604d98b724b_large

    Dec 9, 2009, 04.42 PMby pinkberrie

    Greens are great for my complexion and they make my eyes ‘POP’, best of all it’s may favorite colour. Add some big, shiney silver buttons and that’s what I wear most of the time.

    Yellows and greys are a no-no, as much as I love the colours, they wash me out. If I wear grey it has to be a purple or blue hue.

  • Stef_bday_large

    Dec 9, 2009, 04.34 PMby mo-mo-sew-sew

    i like to wear richly saturated colors and seem to gravitate to black and browns. i absolutely can’t stand muted, pastel colors like pink and baby blue. they’re just whimpy, and i ain’t no whimp!!!

  • J404x449-00075_large

    Dec 9, 2009, 04.11 PMby trickygirlb

    I love to wear Black, I know I know to some it is boring, but it really looks good on me with having fair skin and it goes with anything. I usually accent it with patterned pieces or bold colors, like a black shirt and bright pattern skirt. I would love to be able to wear Yellow, but unfortunately with my skin being so fair and having yellow undertones it just washes me out.

  • Bb24160ce88e1a2f77bda243367f853bd1e5b03e_large

    Dec 9, 2009, 04.02 PMby athomas5

    I love to wear red or green. I would love to wear creams but they just wash me out.

  • Missing

    Dec 9, 2009, 04.01 PMby sallybway

    I love to wear blue. I would love to wear more orange, but I have such a hard time finding good orange that works for me.

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