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Welcome to day seven of our Holiday Giveaway! Win a $100 Gift Card from Mood Fabrics! Comment on this blog article by 9AM (EST) Wednesday, December 8th to be entered to win!

With fashion changing faster than the seasons, Mood Designer Fabrics has continued to stay one step ahead of its competitors. While being actively involved in the latest in cultural Crazes, including reality television programs like Project Runway and The Apprentice, as well as staying grounded in the traditions of honest customer service, Mood has transformed itself into a prosperous, well-established and growing business.

You will receive a $100 Gift Card that you can use to shop for anything you like, anytime you want, online at MoodFabrics.com. You can also use the Gift Card in our store during regular business hours.

Comment to Win: How much do you spend on sewing projects per year?

Congratulations to aega who won the Gingher Dressmaker’s Shears!


This giveaway is sponsored by Mood Fabrics


  • Bethsprofilepic_large

    Dec 8, 2010, 01.52 PMby damianadesigns

    Way too much…probably $800…

  • Missing

    Dec 8, 2010, 01.38 PMby twandabrown

    I’ve been sewing for many years and the amount per year varies with my income and free time availability. My guess for this year is around $300 with an equal amount for other craft hobbies combined. Sewing is my first love and I definitely spend the most on fabrics of good quality at great prices.

  • Me_large

    Dec 8, 2010, 01.37 PMby pinkraygun

    I usually spend between $300 and $500 a year, although since I discovered the awesome discount fabric section at Jo-Mar, I imagine that number is going to be less next year. Or the same, and I’ll just do more sewing.

  • Missing

    Dec 8, 2010, 01.37 PMby sensinger

    I spent probably between $60 – $100. Trying to save, save, save…

  • Avatar_large

    Dec 8, 2010, 01.36 PMby moldybean6

    I have had the idea to build my own collection of clothes to display at my local Art Society Studio. I have been purchasing the bulk of my material for this show and my costs have been high this year. So far it is in the area of $600 and growing! Another reason for my costs being up, is that my Husband bought me a Brother 1034D Lock Serger….and now I can sew all these great knits that I had never attempted before!

  • New_avatar_copy_large

    Dec 8, 2010, 01.35 PMby alicolette

    well since it is my job to make costumes and i love to make things for my friends. i spend probably a couple thousand dollars on it a year.

  • E065ff98e916f88c828acd3ea40e29737432b8fd_large

    Dec 8, 2010, 01.29 PMby jinxychan

    I like to make most of my clothes and spend about 500 dollars a year on sewing projects. I will be using the Heidi prom variation to make my wedding dress early next year and just received all my silk swatches from mood in the mail!

  • Missing

    Dec 8, 2010, 01.27 PMby Allison Melito

    Considering I just got a new sewing machine as well as getting married and did a lot of the decorations myself, I would say about $1,200. After looking at anything that could potentially be construed as wedding-related I have so many more idea floating around in my head; just need the time and money to tackle them all.

  • Cern_bird_bra_crop_large

    Dec 8, 2010, 01.17 PMby carolinat

    eiiiiiii! I don’t even want to think about how much I spend on projects over the course of the year. I would say probably close to $400. I guess my New Years resolution will be to get to the bottom of it all!

  • Missing

    Dec 8, 2010, 01.13 PMby nanolam

    I spend about $200-$300 a year on sewing projects. I’m still very much a novice and only sew small projects, Halloween costumes and Christmas stockings for the soldiers. :)

  • Dsc_0306_large

    Dec 8, 2010, 01.00 PMby jojomac

    I am a flight attendant who is fortunate enough to shop for fabric all over the world…or is it a curse? I spend about $200 a month on fabric, notions, tracing paper, and what I like to call errr…“extra home insulation”. Like a puppy who knocks over the treat box, my “eyes” are always bigger than my “stomach”, which means I buy way more gorgeous fabric than one human can possibly need! That’s okay, I love to walk into my sewing room and see gorgeous possiblities on my shelf…in the closet…under the table…in my basket…on the cutting table. ;-) I have been to Mood Fabrics in NYC, and it truly is the most fabulous sewing wonderland on Earth. A gift card for $100 would make my holiday extra, super-duper BRIGHT! Pick me, ooh ooh ooh, pick me, pick me, pretty please with a cherry on top!

  • Mona_the_pilot_large

    Dec 8, 2010, 12.44 PMby monamary

    I probably spend 300-400 dollars each year. I have been making small quilts for each baby born into our family for over 20 years. I have made close to 50 quilts, some years making 6 or 7. I also create dresses or outfits for my grandchildren. This year I made a yoda costume and a bunny costume for Halloween. These doubled as pajamas for this winter for them. I have a garment decorating business but reserve time for fun projects I can give away.

  • Missing

    Dec 8, 2010, 12.43 PMby Melanie Saliba

    for special projects, I usually spend around $30. I’m a big fan of scooping up fabric when it’s on sale or someone is de-stashing, though, so I usually can find great project ideas from what I already have. I’m on a tight budget, so I do what I can to fulfill my sewing desires. And I will say that trying to save money on fabric has created some awesome crafts…necessity is the mother of invention, right? :)

  • Missing

    Dec 8, 2010, 12.34 PMby sergerqueen

    I love, love, love Mood Fabrics! I was lucky enough to visit a few summer back when in NYC. My non-sewing daughter loved it too!

  • Cat_logo_large

    Dec 8, 2010, 12.31 PMby lunatepetal

    hm I am not sure, but probably around $500… but it also includes the random lovely fabric I buy just because…

  • Knitting1_large

    Dec 8, 2010, 12.29 PMby rozemie

    i like this contest ! I would like to win every day, such nice prizes. Rozemie

  • 557e8aa328d3d38bd3c3f35c78d51f999d024108_large

    Dec 8, 2010, 12.27 PMby susieq3123

    This year I have been trying to use up my fabric. On the average with other sewing supplies, about $200 per year! Thanks so much!

  • Missing

    Dec 8, 2010, 12.25 PMby valsey

    With my husband being laid off for the past 16 months, my budget has been cut drastically, but I still managed to scrap together enough this year to make 3 quilts, alter a wedding dress, and a bridemaid dress. I’ve also gotten my 15 yr daughter interested. She has made a dress for her sister for Christmas and a couple of outfits for herself. One outfit she made out of scrap material. Her friends always ask her where she bought them and are shocked to hear. " I made it."

  • Missing

    Dec 8, 2010, 12.18 PMby jvay

    I don’t necessarily keep track because I often buy thread, zippers and hem tape as I need them. Probably in the $250 dollar range.

  • Image_large

    Dec 8, 2010, 11.59 AMby luxihere

    this year i have spent around 6000-7000 INR, Since i do not buy any readymade garments for self or my DD..so i guess this is very reasonable.. also note this year’s is bit high due to 3 SILK Paavadai Sattai costing 1,700 each… so take them off you have average of aroudn INR 3000-4000 per year and it’s a killing to have a stylish extensive wardrobe in that budget!

  • Party_look_margriet_-_kopie_large

    Dec 8, 2010, 11.58 AMby margrietmg

    Way too much! Experience learns that fabrics have to be of a centain quality. And for quality, you have to pay a little more. But it’s sooo worth it!

  • Missing

    Dec 8, 2010, 11.54 AMby ghe

    For budgetary reasons I use mostly remnants of old clothes and fabrics cycle. New fabrics? Maybe $ 50 a year.

  • Missing

    Dec 8, 2010, 11.50 AMby sandraled

    I love to sew and do projects, with 6 grandkids I am always sewing and spending money. I probably send several hundred dollars; however, I shop sales and try to keep my sewing room well stocked so I can be ready whenever I need to start something quickly.

  • Missing

    Dec 8, 2010, 11.48 AMby margabisa

    I spend money (I never calculate, should I ?), but I spend a lot of time (3 afternoons, at least, every week), but I put so much love in each project that it doesn’t matter how much money I spend or how many hours it takes to finish a project. I live in North of France and I go to Paris twice a year, to shop for fabrics. One day, I will go to London instead of Paris, and I shall spend some money at Liberty of London !!!

  • Avatar-cupcake_large

    Dec 8, 2010, 11.43 AMby frkbustad

    I used to work in a fabric shop last year, and spent probably $150 each month! Which means I have a lot of stash… I guess next year will be a little less, but since I’m planning a trip to NYC and will go to London as I do every year, I will spend at least $500!

  • Avatar_large

    Dec 8, 2010, 11.41 AMby mmmenta

    Lol i really dont have a count most of my sewing projects are recycling old clothes!

  • J_avatar_large

    Dec 8, 2010, 11.41 AMby jenyjenny

    i spend $100 a month on sewing books, magazines, fabric, thread, stabilizers, embroidery designs, notions, patterns, not considering the new sewing machine, which was not cheap! so I’d say $1200, a very conservative estimate.

  • Missing

    Dec 8, 2010, 11.39 AMby taitai60

    mmmm probably around US$500. It’s a bit hard to say as I live in the Philippines and fabrics can be quite cheap here. On the other hand, I splurge when I am abroad and get fabrics which are not available here! They generally get added to my stash, and then I have to go through a phase of not letting myself by any new fabrics until the stash has been substantially reduced! I’ve always wanted to implement a FIFO method (First In First Out) of using up my stash, but it generally ends up being PAF (Prettiest Available First)!

  • Dsc_4606_copy_2_2_2_large

    Dec 8, 2010, 11.31 AMby esewell

    Sewing is my creative passion. After purchasing a dress form from Mood last year, I really began to design and sew. I have enjoyed designing and making several lovely dresses for myself and friends this year. I have also started making some wedding dresses. I purchased a lot of silk this year so, I believe I spent $500- $650 on materials this year.

  • Real_pearl_eagle_wing_bracelet_by_steamsociety_large

    Dec 8, 2010, 11.08 AMby manhattanstreetlightsxoxo

    I’ve only recently started sewing this year so in total about £200 – £250. I’ve been buying alot of sewing books which have been really helpful and purchasing fabrics and other essentials (especially buttons and zips – i love collecting buttons!) from fabric stores and markets. :D

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