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Welcome to day 11 of our Holiday Giveaway! Enter to win 3 amazing DVD sets from Threads Magazine! Comment on this blog article by 9AM (EST) Sunday, December 12th to be entered to win!

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Comment to Win: How many projects do finish in a year?

Congratulations to hovis1971, who won a goodie bag from Blumenthal Lansing!


This giveaway is sponsored by Threads Magazine


  • Missing

    Dec 11, 2010, 04.03 PMby cvisker

    I’ve finished about 25 projects this year.

  • 5196510037_0646d0f80e_o_large

    Dec 11, 2010, 04.01 PMby kelepso

    I would say between 12 – 24 projects per year.

  • Missing

    Dec 11, 2010, 04.01 PMby albqusister

    I finish 20 bags and clothing items. 4 wall quilts and 6 regular quilts.

  • Cimg4603_2_large

    Dec 11, 2010, 03.57 PMby soaringviola

    This year I finished 14 projects – included the two I have to finish till christmas :-) It was the first year I did so many projects, since I just bouhgt my first sewing machine last year. Before I did much more knitting what always takes a lot more time than sewing.

  • Me_large

    Dec 11, 2010, 03.57 PMby NYAM Afia Cayee'

    I finish about 8-10 projects.

  • Me_large

    Dec 11, 2010, 03.57 PMby NYAM Afia Cayee'

    I finish about 8-10 projects.

  • Avatar_large

    Dec 11, 2010, 03.57 PMby candicej

    I’ve finished around 40 projects this year, but I have about 10 unfinished projects sitting in my sewing cupboard. Once I mess up, I usually just give up – wrong, I know :-)

  • Headshot_large

    Dec 11, 2010, 03.54 PMby tinybows

    I finished about 20 this year, usually it would be more, but i moved three times so my sewing room has been in shambles for ages.

  • 250562_10150202153686396_567431395_7433008_542769_n_large

    Dec 11, 2010, 03.48 PMby plaidlinoleum

    I do lots of different crafts, but I would say I complete at least 10 sewing projects a year.

  • Missing

    Dec 11, 2010, 03.46 PMby missb2000

    I finish 30 to 40 projects a year, but most are small or clothes for my son.

  • Aabfd023f086c732fa12732aac63a3aa797f4f56_large

    Dec 11, 2010, 03.44 PMby gaidig

    I don’t really finish a lot of projects in a year because I don’t really know how to alter patterns for fitting. This year, I think I’m around 9 sewn items finished. That’s why I am really excited about this give away! The fitting DVDs look so good!

  • Pict0057_large

    Dec 11, 2010, 03.43 PMby miaow

    I finish 10 to 30 projects a year… the question really should be how many do I start!!!!!

  • Rollypolly1_large

    Dec 11, 2010, 03.41 PMby hooksvsneedles

    So far I’ve finished 4 sewing projects, but I expect to be up to 6 or 7 by January. Lot’s of half finished ones to get to!

  • Chemcamp_large

    Dec 11, 2010, 03.39 PMby angelical

    I think I’ve finished 14-15 projects this year, 2 being very BIG dresses (a fifties gala dress with own pattern and a medieval gown called a biaud)… I guess I make app. 1 project a month on average..

  • Avatar_large

    Dec 11, 2010, 03.38 PMby mmmenta

    Lots!! at least 20 but because most of them are baby clothes so they are simple and fast to do.

  • Ja_010_large

    Dec 11, 2010, 03.35 PMby veronika33

    As many as I can, but about 20-25 per year.

  • Nv10a_523911_800x600__large

    Dec 11, 2010, 03.35 PMby netmyda

    10 to 15. :-)

  • Missing

    Dec 11, 2010, 03.34 PMby mrempert

    I finish 2-3 projects a year but then again I only usually do 2-3 projects a year!!

  • 7dddc9613ac57079351f8a4d299e9aece5cf3908_large

    Dec 11, 2010, 03.32 PMby peaudane

    I make 2 or 3 garments per month, depending on how involved they are, so, about 30 per year.

  • 7fe652d27b1d1428434dc3052c86f242f59c26cf_large

    Dec 11, 2010, 03.32 PMby firenice468

    I don’t get to finish nearly as many projects as I’d like since I don’t have a sewing machine in my dorm room (or much free time!) at college. On school vacations and during the summer I like to make up for lost time and usually complete about 3-5 projects a year.

  • Missing

    Dec 11, 2010, 03.30 PMby moque75

    This is my first year of really sewing so I have finished 15 projects.

  • Bloom_roses_large

    Dec 11, 2010, 03.30 PMby cam557

    About 30 projects

  • 158979_in_xl_164451719281_jpg_staggered_tier_large

    Dec 11, 2010, 03.30 PMby Valeria Martinez

    Im just strarting to sew but in the last two week I had made 5 wristle bags, a dresses and just started making another one!

  • 2014_02_08_selfportrait3_large

    Dec 11, 2010, 03.22 PMby qsogirl

    I do lots of different crafts, so it’s really hard to count. But in terms of just sewing, I probably finish at least 10 projects per year.

  • Missing

    Dec 11, 2010, 03.21 PMby Bretta Ogburn

    Around 10 projects…I like to dabble in lots of different types of things, so I’m always flitting from sewing to knitting to crocheting to paper arts to book arts and then back to sewing again :o)

    1 Reply
    • Missing

      Dec 12, 2010, 06.38 AMby Roberta Kennedy

      I’m a lot like you! Depending on what requests I get from family and friends, I jump from one thing to another. Once I’ve either mastered or given up on one type of project, I get inspired to try something different.
      So far this year, Ive made 4-5 quilts, several outfits for my grand kids, 16 dolls of varying sizes (and successes), 4 knitted baby blankets, and probably more than that even! It helps a lot to be retired!!!

  • Avatar_3_large

    Dec 11, 2010, 03.14 PMby krokojo

    about 5 bags for myself, about 10 things to wear and then a lot of decorating projects like making 7 little half eaten ginger bread men for christmas and 10 stockings just because they look pretty :)

  • Aibeiaiaaabdcivp8_6utmdjkcildmnhcmrfcghvdg8qkduxmzljmtbkmzi0zjq1yzbkzme5mtewmmqymtzjode3ymzindhmzjewacujhxjosiikms4lfglgsrd75kga_large

    Dec 11, 2010, 03.13 PMby Shira B

    about 10 because I don’t have much time but I really wanna make some more :)

  • Profile1_large

    Dec 11, 2010, 03.10 PMby kkmatti

    10-12 garments a year. There’s usually a couple of upholstery projects thrown in there too.

  • Missing

    Dec 11, 2010, 03.04 PMby cornellgirl

    About 5 so far this year … but I’m hoping to do more next year!

  • 271b6230d7f4cd766994d54d0c1222933059364a_large

    Dec 11, 2010, 02.59 PMby ghainskom

    Anywhere between 20 and 30.

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