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Welcome to Day 11 of our Holiday Giveaway! Win 2 Seam Allowance Guides, one for you and a friend, and a $200 Tessuti Fabric Voucher from seamallowanceguide.com! Comment on this blog article by 10AM (EST) Monday, December 12th to be entered to win!

The most time consuming and annoying part of sewing is adding a seam allowance to all your pattern pieces. No longer do you have to measure and trace around each individual piece, the Seam Allowance Guide will do that for you while you cut out your fabric. Now you can spend more time on the fun stuff.

Perfect for:
Burda Style Magazine Patterns
Japanese Pattern books
Marfy Patterns
Copying your own clothes
Designers creating patterns from scratch
Altering patterns
Left or right handed scissors
Picking up pins!

Comment to Win: What annoying sewing problem do you wish there was a solution for?


This giveaway is sponsored by seamallowanceguide.com

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[Update 12/21/11] – Congratulations to member Podbod18 for winning the Holiday Giveaway Day 11!


  • P1050007_large

    Dec 12, 2011, 11.53 AMby ronnielee

    The thing that most annoys me is when you start to sew and the damn threat comes out of the needle, Aargh!!

  • Tshirt_large

    Dec 12, 2011, 11.40 AMby lejn

    It would be great if there was an attachment for the sewing machine that could store all threads. When you want to change the thread just turn the dial and the needle would go up and come down threaded with another color. The same would happen to the bobbin.

  • Missing

    Dec 12, 2011, 11.38 AMby anafino

    Not enough time to sew!

  • Dscn2036_large

    Dec 12, 2011, 11.35 AMby carlachan

    thread tension!! in serger and in sewing machine… really really super duper annoying!

  • Profilepic_large

    Dec 12, 2011, 11.20 AMby demarie

    I wish that the bobbin didn’t run out when you are just about finished on your project.

  • Img_2769_large

    Dec 12, 2011, 11.12 AMby mollykatherine

    well this would have most certainly been my most annoying problem, but now thats solved, along with picking up spilt pins. Now can they invent something that cuts everything out for me, or hems circle skirts? ;) unlikely!

  • Amhb_sq_large

    Dec 12, 2011, 11.09 AMby adriprints

    Other than pattern weights or pins, I wish there was another way to quickly secure the pattern to multiple layers of fabric without harming the fabric or being too unstable to trace… Also, it would be great to transfer the pattern onto multiple layers without having to trace twice.

  • Missing

    Dec 12, 2011, 10.28 AMby Roesays

    I need more time to sew… and a dedicated room in the house!

  • Missing

    Dec 12, 2011, 10.28 AMby efgh

    I’m sure some fancy computerised machines already have a magical feature but i wish i had some way of knowing my bobbin was going to run out before i waste my time sewing a whole seam without thread!

  • N502838397_99324_9707_large

    Dec 12, 2011, 10.24 AMby roarah

    Unpicking. I wish there was a nicer/faster way of doing it. particularly with delicate fabrics like chiffon.

  • Missing

    Dec 12, 2011, 10.09 AMby strickmeise

    The most annoying thing is when i want to sew button holes, but my sewing machine makes a mess, because the fabric is too thick! It’s a hard work to rip these tangled-up stitches and often the fabric looks ugly at that place.

  • Missing

    Dec 12, 2011, 09.57 AMby Dominika Deska

    I would love to get the tension correct on the over-locker, some rolled hems come out terrible others great. Quite a lot of trial and error

  • Missing

    Dec 12, 2011, 09.52 AMby renatap

    Threading bobbins!

  • Dscn1801-es_large

    Dec 12, 2011, 09.29 AMby libra-s

    I always find it annoying sewing a hem on circle skirt!!

  • Missing

    Dec 12, 2011, 09.26 AMby miip

    I wish there was a way to keep my cat away from my projects – she loves playing with fabrics, knows how to open doors, and won’t be kept away once she hears the machine.

  • P1010585_large

    Dec 12, 2011, 09.20 AMby lennert

    I wish you didn’t have to do anything before you actually start sewing: pre washing the fabric,cutting pattern pieces, tracing… I just want to sew!

  • Missing

    Dec 12, 2011, 09.01 AMby Martina Soncica

    I wish there was a solution for lack of time :) I really want to sew more but with my baby thats very hard. So a button I could press to stop the time for me to do my thing would be awesome :)

  • Missing

    Dec 12, 2011, 08.57 AMby mismis777

    I wish it was easier to know what stitch length and tension to use…if I could just push a button for the type of fabric I was using, it would be so much easier.

  • Fabiana1_large

    Dec 12, 2011, 08.56 AMby Fabiana Mattos

    I wish there was a solution when fabric gets messy while we’re sewing with the machine, no matter how much you pins we’ve put on it…

  • Missing

    Dec 12, 2011, 08.51 AMby becci

    The wish there was a way to create more time in my day so I had more time to sew!

  • Missing

    Dec 12, 2011, 08.46 AMby ellenjane

    I wish there was a way to ensure that whatever notion was needed at any particular moment could be within reach. I waste more time looking for a ruler or pincushion than I would like to admit!

  • Missing

    Dec 12, 2011, 08.37 AMby Phyu Myo Hlaing(Jasmine)

    the trouble is that it always takes me too long to make a garment

  • 1b5be228efe43fa6929bc25d16614ae895d4f683_large

    Dec 12, 2011, 08.31 AMby nadinewoods

    Fitting!!! I know there are solutions to my fitting problems. I just have to figure them all out!

  • Missing

    Dec 12, 2011, 07.49 AMby Angela Khebou

    Sewing problem…. getting the tension on my machine just right, I work with fine silk and denim two very different materials and when the tension is just right my sewing looks amazing but when its off just a little bit, my sewing looks horrible.

  • 2248651388_b7dff371cd_large

    Dec 12, 2011, 07.47 AMby victors

    I would love it if your machine could tell you when your bobbin is almost empty. Nothing worse than realising its gone but you’ve kept on sewing!

  • Small_mom_large

    Dec 12, 2011, 07.29 AMby rdejam

    I wish patterns came with adjustment markings especially different cup sizes. My daughter is 4’10", a size 4 in ready to wear and a 32DD. I spend the bulk of my time adjusting pattenrs to fit her small waist/big bust. Love my daughter but HATE making clothes for her.

  • Img_4043_large

    Dec 12, 2011, 07.06 AMby psychorat

    I always get wrinkles when inserting a zipper, so an automatic zipper insertion tool would be great. I seam allowance guide would be perfect, too.

  • Me_large

    Dec 12, 2011, 06.53 AMby jessdunstan

    I wish I had never ending space for all my fabric. There always seems to be fabric on every surface in my house!

  • Missing

    Dec 12, 2011, 06.45 AMby btstars

    The most annoying thing about sewing is my machine! I got a cheap $200 one from walmart (I know, I know) and now, 3 years later, my machine sucks. The feed dogs eat my fabric!! The tension is NEVER right!! My topstitching skips stitches!!! Today I hemmed a knit dress and my machine kept making my narrow hem go wonky and did I mention that I completely kick ass with my narrow hems usually?? Must. Get. New. Machine.

    Maybe Santa will drop one off for me this Christmas crosses fingers

  • Missing

    Dec 12, 2011, 06.39 AMby PeachRainbow

    I wish that my house cleans itself when I am sewing :D

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