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We are so excited to bring you a new competition. It’s perfect for every skill level, and we encourage you all to enter! This one is all about taking inspiration from Natalie Chanin’s new book, Alabama Studio Style.

From her studio in Florence, Alabama, Natalie Chanin, founder and creative director of the acclaimed fashion and lifestyle company Alabama Chanin, works with local artisans to create handmade organic cotton-jersey clothing sought by connoisseurs of beauty and sustainable style worldwide. In Alabama Studio Style, a follow-up to the celebrated Alabama Stitch Book, Chanin takes her fans on another compelling journey of creativity, technique, and inspiration, this time sharing many more of her beautiful stenciling, stitching, and beading methods, and a collection of over 20 projects, including her award-winning dresses and skirts. You may remember that last year we did a two-part series on Natalie’s amazing work and philosophy, which you can read here

We invite you to make or reinvent any article of clothing, inspired by Alabama Studio Style. Visit this sneak peek of the book to get inspired, and create a project in keeping with Natalie’s ideas about fashion, sustainability, and community:

“Alabama Studio Style is…my home, my work, my love, my people. It is a way of looking at the world that, consequently, defines how the world looks. It is food, clothing, and shelter sewn together into a harmonious pattern that enriches our lives every day.”

This is a quick contest; you have until the 24th to email a photo in to submissions [at] with “Alabama Studio Style” in the subject line along with your username, the garment title, and the link to your uploaded project on BurdaStyle in the body of the email. 50 entries will be featured in a slide show for you, the community to vote on.

Natalie will be choosing the lucky winners from the top 5 vote getters.

1st Prize: Win a weekend workshop with the Alabama Chanin team at The Factory (Value of $1125; travel and lodging not included) OR a a copy of Alabama Studio Style from STC Craft PLUS a kit to create the amazing DIY Inked & Quilted Camisole Dress featured in Alabama Studio Style. (Value of $375 + Alabama Studio Style)

2nd Prize: A copy of Alabama Studio Style from STC Craft PLUS a DIY kit the create the beautiful Angie’s Fall Scarf (featured in Alabama Studio Style) OR A copy of Alabama Stitch Book from STC Craft PLUS a DIY Bandana Kit featured in the Alabama Stitch Book. (Value of $105 + Alabama Studio Style)

3rd Prize: A copy of Alabama Studio Style from STC Craft. (Value of $35)

Get your own copy of Alabama Studio Style here

This contest is open to everyone worldwide (as long as it’s not prohibited) and all ages as long as you have consent from a legal guardian. You can submit as many entries as you’d like. Good luck and we can’t wait to see what you come up with!


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    Feb 19, 2012, 03.36 AMby Jacqueline Clarissa Wachell

    I just found this designers work… I am so inspired by it… I will have to come up with something!!!

    Thank goodness for those who want to return to simpler times, and quality of life.

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  • 20100102205247474_large

    Feb 25, 2010, 01.57 AMby purpleglow

    Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh… I wish I could any of my projects I’m working on finished in time. :(

    2 Replies
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      Oct 24, 2011, 06.21 PMby jeffreysanderz

      I wish I could complete my paper writing about Fashion timely!

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      May 5, 2013, 10.49 AMby SoniaMelo

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  • Facebook_large

    Feb 24, 2010, 08.03 PMby lettergirl

    I have been inspired since I saw the spring 2008 collection at Barney’s in New York. Two years later and my heart is still racing just thinking about all the possibilities. No idea how I stumbled on this contest, but now I am excited to see all the entries. Good luck everyone!

  • 7477921d82b9cd62dad6abe75756cb0b30ea2282_large

    Feb 24, 2010, 04.46 PMby flowergirl22

    hi all, yes well I entered , took me an amazing 30seconds to decide what to use as revamp. i then just needet to decide on how to do the design,, which i asked my kids to do for me, and whopppeeeeeee at the end of the day the new desin was done.

    its a lilac blouse with flowers on , keep an eye out and vote for it.

  • Regina-2_large

    Feb 23, 2010, 03.03 PMby Regina Moore

    This contest will be tons of fun! I look forward to seeing all the entries. I am totally enamored by Natalie Chanin’s designs! The workmanship is absolutely gorgeous!

  • 2e996410366bf49ef6ac6f019260602044c947d0_large

    Feb 22, 2010, 01.40 PMby manati

    So I decided yesterday to enter the contest. Not much time left. But I have the same question that Passiona Cottee has. THanks

    1 Reply
    • Dsc_0028_large

      Feb 24, 2010, 01.27 AMby Passiona Cottee

      I guess you have now seen the daily email that confirmed 11:59pm on the 24th.

      Good times!

  • Dsc_0028_large

    Feb 22, 2010, 01.28 PMby Passiona Cottee

    Quick Q: “you have until the 24th”. Does that mean by the end of the day on the 24th?

  • Img_3699_large

    Feb 21, 2010, 11.04 PMby michelle ><><><

    Unsure about how to enter projects, could you give me more detailed info on how to? first time entering, Michelle

  • Dsci0410_large

    Feb 20, 2010, 06.13 PMby momsgotanewhobby

    I love the clothes, beautiful. If you haven’t yet please visit her site! I am inspired and feel a dress (or 2?) coming on…

  • Avatar1_large

    Feb 18, 2010, 04.51 PMby ponygirl93

    Wow, I would love to enter… But I’m not sure I have time to crank out something by then that would be worthy to be called inspired by her ;)

  • 2005_0106new0006-1_large

    Feb 17, 2010, 08.17 AMby bubbley74


    1 Reply
    • 2925467294a46d427c21f1cf841de682cd05855e_large

      Feb 18, 2010, 12.23 AMby amarie


      Natalie Chanin is famous for bringing the quilting traditions of the South into mainstream couture fashion. She moved back to Florence, Alabama and founded a clothing company that emphasizes old world craftsmanship. She is most-known for hand-sewn, reverse-appliqued corsets and skirts. She believes in sustainability so she encourages the use of recycled materials or materials from organic sources. You can find more here. So I guess the contest is to make clothes that are inspired by her work. She recently shared the stencils on her blog for all of you interested. Hope this helps.

  • 7477921d82b9cd62dad6abe75756cb0b30ea2282_large

    Feb 15, 2010, 07.01 PMby flowergirl22

    hi,, yes, done it,, thanks for that..


  • 7477921d82b9cd62dad6abe75756cb0b30ea2282_large

    Feb 13, 2010, 10.32 AMby flowergirl22

    how do I enter? where do i send the pictures

    1 Reply
    • Closeup_large

      Feb 15, 2010, 02.26 AMby duckieugling

      This is a quick contest; you have until the 24th to email a photo in to submissions [at] with “Alabama Studio Style” in the subject line along with your username, the garment title, and the link to your uploaded project on BurdaStyle in the body of the email. 50 entries will be featured in a slide show for you, the community to vote on.

  • 7477921d82b9cd62dad6abe75756cb0b30ea2282_large

    Feb 12, 2010, 07.30 PMby flowergirl22

    oohhhh wow,, lets get going girls,,

  • Bf75fefecb5092516cc71cbc902f699fac08fb1f_large

    Feb 12, 2010, 11.12 AMby Cafe Couture

    This is something I’ve never seen before, really marvellous work and the looks are so inspiring, I’m trying to make some of the designs on a felted wallet and it is so great to work this technique…

  • Missing

    Feb 10, 2010, 05.16 PMby Leslie Henkel

    You can get even more inspiration by following Natalie on her blog tour!

    Enter to win any STC Craft book!

  • 4d944e6056830aeb276925d9d7ae09375ab9ae6d_large

    Feb 10, 2010, 03.33 PMby dupcodeb

    This comment was deleted by the author.

    1 Reply
    • Picture_2_large

      Feb 10, 2010, 10.56 PMby alden

      Nope enter as many times as you’d like!

  • Imgp0722_large

    Feb 10, 2010, 06.49 AMby bridgeovermurray

    I am from Alice Springs Australia and if I win the 1st prize I will have to come up with some crazy idea to go on a fantastic, inspiring journey to the factory!!!!

  • Closeup_large

    Feb 9, 2010, 10.26 PMby duckieugling

    OMG! that is so awesome!!!! i’ve gotta come up with something totally fabulous….eek!

  • Missing

    Feb 9, 2010, 08.30 PMby staceycland

    WOW, $7000 coat. I am inspired, How about I just applique Benjamin Franklin’s face all over the fabric!!

  • Thinker_large

    Feb 9, 2010, 08.28 PMby thinker

    I only recently learned about Chanin’s work and love it. I’ve been fantasizing about making beautiful things like that while walking to work. This contest feels like more than a coincidence, but of course it’s just because she’s getting a bunch of press… Anyway, I’m now planning to make something by the 24th!

  • Missing

    Feb 9, 2010, 08.24 PMby Leslie Henkel

    You can get even more inspiration by following Natalie on her blog tour!

    Enter to win any STC Craft book!

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