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People often ask me where do I get my inspiration. Inspiration comes to me in many shapes and forms. I often find myself inspired by fibers themselves: using different textures, colors, and weights of yarn can create very unexpected results!

Using mohair and silk together is one of my favorite combinations! The sheen of silk and the matte texture of mohair balance each other beautifully. Combining them in a way that uses lace weight and worsted weight yarns gives the piece a very delicate look.


This is the garment that was published in Vogue Knitting Winter 2006/07. I used worsted weight silk/mohair blend together with the lace weight mohair at the neckline. Later I also tried to invert the pattern and use lace weight yarn for the body and worsted weight yarn for the insert. You can see the result below:


In both Luxe Knits and Luxe Knits: The Accessories, I combine different weights, fibers, and colors a lot. One of my favorite pieces is the Shawl Sweater:


Here I combined a variation of different yarns in a fold pattern to give the shawl lightness and drape.


Try the Fold Pattern yourself and be inspired by fibers just like I am:
You will need: Chunky Weight (CW), Sport Weight (SW), & Lace Weight Yarn (LW), and US 11 needles.

Fold Pattern:
With CW using US 11 needles desired amount of sts.
Hint: CO about 25 sts if you want to turn it into a scarf.
Row 1 (WS): Purl.
Row 2: Knit.
Repeat these two rows once more.
Row 5: Purl.
Row 6 (RS): With SW- Slip one stitch pick up a corresponding CO stitch
from behind of work- knit them together- Repeat from * till the end of row.
Space Between the Folds (WS):
With SW work in St St (starting with Purl row) for 6 rows.

Repeat Fold & Space in Between Folds Patterns once more- but pick up corresponding stitches from behind 5 rows below instead of stitches on CO row.

On the third and fourth repeats of the pattern, use LW for Row 6 of the fold & for Space Between the Folds.

If you wish to continue and turn this swatch into a scarf, repeat this pattern till desired length and end with BO on Fold Row 6.

Have fun experimenting! And if you’re interested in learning more about my designs, tell us how you incorporate knitting into your sewing projects for the chance to win your own copy of Luxe Knits, Luxe Knits: The Accessories or the ultimate prize pack of both titles plus your own luxe yarn from ArtYarns to create with! Comments must be posted by 9:30am EST on Friday, April 8th to be eligible.



A native Lithuanian, Laura Zukaite moved to the United States when she was 18. After attending Parsons The New School for Design, Laura has been happily pursuing her career as a sweater designer in New York City. Laura is the author of two books—Luxe Knits and Luxe Knits: The Accessories—that feature her designs made with exceptional yarns and convey her design philosophy.

Also, don’t forget to try your hand at Laura’s Smocking Legwarmers project to whip up your own luxury knitwear!


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    Apr 5, 2011, 07.32 PMby faeriewriter

    Knitting has been a passion of mine for years, sewing has been for even longer. I think these are gorgeous patterns. It would be neat to try out combining sewing and knitting!

  • Missing

    Apr 5, 2011, 07.20 PMby pieknits

    This is great! I love playing with knitting and different structures, especially inspired by sewn looks.

  • Missing

    Apr 5, 2011, 07.15 PMby lrobboy

    Love this technique. Made a sweater in the 1980’s combining fine rayon chenille and a hand dyed shiny variegated slubbed rayon yarn. It turned many heads and was a real winner. Not only for lacy patterns, a seed stitch shows off the effect well.

  • Missing

    Apr 5, 2011, 06.54 PMby icedivastar

    I haven’t mixed sewing and knitting, but this makes me want to try.

  • Missing

    Apr 5, 2011, 06.50 PMby katefarrington

    What a great inspiration to drag out the boxes of yarns and fabric. Thanks for the wake up call!

  • Missing

    Apr 5, 2011, 06.49 PMby anna-syrri

    I don’t usually mix sewing and knitting, but I would love to win these books.

  • Sleeping_bailey_large

    Apr 5, 2011, 06.46 PMby catran

    Most of the time, I actually incorporate sewing into my knitting projects. As for sewing projects, depending on the item, a nice knitted/crocheted lace edging would be nice. Personally, I tend to use knitted accessories for my outfits to keep things looking fresh and fun.

  • Missing

    Apr 5, 2011, 06.45 PMby ksvendsboe

    Often times, if I knit something and it doesn’t turn out as I wanted, I will turn to sewing to salvage it and these often end up being my favorite pieces! Whether it be adding an elaborate front closure, a tailoring seam at a visually interesting angle finished with a zipper, or gathering a bunchy back into a bustle, I really rely on sewing to make my knitted pieces work… Probably more than I care to admit! :)

  • Missing

    Apr 5, 2011, 06.44 PMby gnomethedroll

    I incorporate knitting in my sewing when I make purses. I like to knit a purse and then line it with fabric. It’s super cute AND super functional!

  • Missing

    Apr 5, 2011, 06.43 PMby mdpypa

    I often use knitting to add cuffs, collars, edgings — even whole sleeves — to my sewn garments.

  • Missing

    Apr 5, 2011, 06.38 PMby elefteria

    I simply adore knitting! It is great to attach knit sleeves to a bolero I sewed myself (I like to use same color on sleeves and the sewed parts). Or knit details on a selfmade dress (eg at the bottom – different colors in that case)… So I would really like that book!

  • Img_1433_large

    Apr 5, 2011, 06.36 PMby fleurily

    I’ve been wanting to get back to knitting for the sake of my stress relief and space limitations for crafting, living in a small college space. These books look lovely!

  • Missing

    Apr 5, 2011, 06.31 PMby kdschafer

    I never did learn how to knit. My aunt did more knitting than my mother. By the time I thought of trying it my aunt had moved out of state. I’ll have to ask if she has done any combining of her knitting with her sewing. If I won, I’d send the book to her.

  • Missing

    Apr 5, 2011, 06.30 PMby andi-1

    Thank you for this pattern!

  • Photo_on_2011-02-14_at_11_18_large

    Apr 4, 2011, 03.19 AMby mnavoy

    I love this!

  • Missing

    Apr 4, 2011, 02.24 AMby bcastiel

    I like to add a knitted lacy trim or edging sometimes. Thx for the contest!

  • Wenlanskirt4_large

    Apr 4, 2011, 01.29 AMby elisabetsy

    So far my knitting and sewing have been separate. Plans to make a top with fabric bodice and light weight extra long/scrunchy knit sleeves have been put aside to work on spring and summer lightweight sewing. I definitely am receptive to ideas and concepts to plan for Fall 2011 fun combinations.

  • D396ea32db814cafb8c9e19242e4d7aa9e1c7c1a_large

    Apr 2, 2011, 03.41 PMby teamydear

    I haven’t tried combining knitting and sewing yet! I either sew something or I knit… You’re getting me inspired to try it though :)

  • Heart_large

    Apr 2, 2011, 12.44 PMby knighttemplar

    I don’t generally incorporate my own hand knitting in my sewing, (mainly because I am a bit of a slow knitter) but I use felted knit sweaters for sewing.

  • Missing

    Apr 2, 2011, 01.27 AMby sewsusan

    I have been sewing for many years but only recently learned to knit. I hope to incorporate handknit pieces into my wool jackets or coats. As I become more comfortable with knitting, I am anxious to begin experimenting with mixing yarns and textures. What an inspiration this book will be!

  • Fb_gigi_large

    Apr 2, 2011, 12.51 AMby paintedlady89

    It fun to mix it up! A knitted collar on a top. How about knitted cuffs on sleeves or a knitted buttoncover om a blouse! It’s always fun to put together sewn buttoms and knitted top!

  • J_avatar_large

    Apr 1, 2011, 02.05 PMby jenyjenny

    I am newer at knitting than sewing, but I now host a knitting group (http://www.wednesdayknitting.wordpress.com) and we’ve been learning a lot and having fun! To incorporate knitting with sewing, I have made a purse from a felted sweater, and am in the process of putting together another purse that I knitted myself. I will add lining, some sort of closure, and straps. I have done machine embroidery on felted wool with great success! Future plans: little girls’ wardrobe with sewn and knitted items.

  • Photo_on_2011-02-24_at_10_21_2_large

    Apr 1, 2011, 11.47 AMby xxmazenxx

    Lately I’ve been upcycling t-shirts. Cutting them with deep V necks and hand stitching lacework into the V. I’ve also been tinkering with replacing the arms of shirts with sleeves of crochet.

    I’m still getting the hang of crocheting lace and finer items but its been a lot of fun. I would love to try my hand at some of the stuff in the Luxe books and expand my project list.
  • Pbw_150px_large

    Mar 31, 2011, 10.28 PMby prisbw

    Wow, I’ve done a lot of knitting with many different types of yarn, but I’d never thought to combine different yarn weights together in one project. Thanks for the inspiration!

  • 206_large

    Mar 31, 2011, 08.08 PMby auntlizzie

    I don’t usually permanently attatch knitting into a sewing project, but I do combine and layer outfits with handknits and handsewn items. Whenever there’s a new baby, I always try to create something different for each one. For example, a sewn sundress with a knit cor crocheted bolero.

  • Singer_large

    Mar 31, 2011, 07.37 PMby seersuckersally

    I’m knitting a cotton cardigan right now in an apple green. I’ll be sewing some buttons on it.

  • Small_mom_large

    Mar 31, 2011, 07.37 PMby rdejam

    I do a lot of layering. knitting tops, tunics, skirts, and dresses and sewing complimentary pieces to go under the knits. It lets me knit something soft, open, and lovely and let pretty fabrics poke out and enhance the look. I love how layered and tiered clothing looks.

  • R1-16_large

    Mar 31, 2011, 05.44 PMby swankypot

    I’m actually working on knitting a bikini top right now, and I plan to sew on a fabric lining – for modesty’s sake :)

  • Ee8014d4ca996c57355c462f568cd1e7ab199fe2_large

    Mar 31, 2011, 05.04 PMby mirela

    Here are my projects of knitting and sewing. I find sewing to be a faster finish to small quick knitting projects that do not require a lot of yarn.


    I’ve knit the top part and made a slip for the lower part of the bodice. Also, you can knit a wool hat and line it in fleece, great for ski!

  • Self_portrait_3_018_large

    Mar 31, 2011, 04.48 PMby aega

    So far the only time I’ve ever merged the two crafts is to sew a zipper into a cardigan I’ve knit. But I like the idea of knitting lace for embelishing a sewn garmet.

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