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One thing I couldn’t help but notice during the month long fashion week marathon was that the undisputed shoe choice of the season was Miu Miu’s glitter booties. Editors, stylists, show attendees – no one seemed to be able to escape the allure of the sparkly shoe. Ask most girls and we will tell you that we never really outgrow our childhood love of all things sparkled, spangled and glittered, so it makes sense that this girlish fantasy manifested into shoe form would make even the most matured of fashion hearts swoon. After seeing these and other glittery versions by Louboutin, Marc Jacobs, and Versus, I thought to myself (as most of you probably have at one time or another) hey I could do that – or at least I could try!

First, the inspiration:

Miu Miu’s glittery footwear was everywhere during fashion week…


Especially on the feet of editors, stylists and buyers…


But Miuccia wasn’t the only one with sparkles on her mind. Rather than attempt to glitter an entire shoe and run the risk of ending up with nothing more than a sticky eyesore, for my version I opted to follow in the footsteps of Versus (left) and Marc Jacobs (bottom right) and keep the glitter contained to the heel.


So, ready to get started?

I wasn’t prepared for how difficult it was going to be to find a shoe with a substantial heel (so many stilettos…). I toyed with the idea of using a wedge shoe but nothing was quite what I was looking for. I found these mary janes online and thought the heel was the perfect size and just begging to be glittered.


My lovely assistant (and resident BurdaStyle sewing wonder) Jamie and I started out by taping off the heel using blue painters tape. We recommend painters tape because it pulls off easily so you don’t run the risk of damaging the rest of your shoe. For the bottom of the heel, we decided to tape off the plastic tap just in case it ever needed to be replaced.


For the portion of the heel where it connects to the rest of the shoe, we found that it works best to use smaller strips of tape to fit the curve perfectly. Also make sure to tape off the underside of the shoe where it meets the heel so you get a clean, defined line.


What’s so great about this project is that not only can you use it to revive a pair of tired old heels shoved in the back of your closet, but you can find all of the tools you need in the craft section of any store. We chose glossy-finish Mod Podge and large flakes of rainbow glitter. You could opt for smaller, finer sparkles – but you won’t get the same texture and reflection as you will with larger flakes. If you really want to make an impact, I say the bigger the glitter the better! Don’t forget you’ll also need a small paintbrush or sponge applicator to apply your Mod Podge to the shoe.


Start by painting on small section of Mod Podge onto the heel of the shoe and then sprinkling glitter over the painted section until it’s covered. I recommend sprinkling with your fingers rather than shaking the glitter straight out of the container, as you can better control the distribution of the sparkles.


Continue painting adhesive and sprinkling glitter until you’ve covered both shoe heels. Let your shoes dry for at least 2 hours, after which you can go back and touch up or add another coat of sparkle.


Once the shoes have dried and you’re happy with the results, it’s time to make sure those sparkles stay in place. I picked up a can of Krylon Clear Acrylic Coating. Because I knew I would be wearing these shoes outside and often in unpredictable New York weather, I opted for the waterproof version to make sure I can get the most wear out of my new glitter shoes. Any clear spray adhesive or shellac will work for this, just make sure you use a clear one so you don’t distort or alter the color of your glitter.


I did an initial spray over the shoes and let them sit for a couple of hours, then went back for a second spray. I really wanted to make sure those glitter flakes weren’t going anywhere.

TIP: If you use a spray adhesive, make sure to clean any stray glitter from the rest of the shoe before you start to ensure that you don’t accidentally shellac glitter where it doesn’t belong!


I let these puppies dry overnight and voila! My very own pair of fashion-editor approved glitter shoes!



  • Dona_gilbert_large

    Today, 04.04 AMby Donagilbert

    That is really amazing! I think this kind of shoes will be an attractive factor when we attend a party. Most of the people will just look at to your foot. I am going to try this glitter shoes. Thank you very much for sharing this post here! sell airline miles for cash

  • Fblog2o_large

    Dec 30, 2011, 09.44 PMby emeHANDMADE

    Thanks for the tut!! I glittered up some of my old shoes to ring in the new year … I think they came out super cute :) check them out:

  • Missing

    Dec 2, 2011, 02.34 AMby rach099

    Where are those shoes from? They’re wonderful!

  • Missing

    Dec 1, 2011, 05.41 AMby BeginnerWinner

    Such a great idea! thank you for this! :)

  • Missing

    Nov 1, 2011, 01.55 PMby purldiver

    I wish there were a button to add this to favorites or something!

  • Missing

    Oct 30, 2011, 05.49 PMby ldlakip

    Great ideas! When my daugther was in high school I once sprayed a black pr of platform sandals with spray glitter that you use for hair—for halloween! Worked great and styed on too! I even lightly sprayed a black knit dress she wore and it was a big hit!

  • Sam_0020_large

    Oct 30, 2011, 12.32 PMby wardrobe-cat

    OMG!!!! How could I not make a pair of these!!!! They are divine and so easy. THANKYOU! Adding this to my faves…

  • 20131007_193723_large

    Oct 26, 2011, 08.13 PMby Nicole Kendra

    I found a great pair of red booties at the thrift store for $3.00 and did the hills in black glitter. They came out great, even my daughter loves them, Thanks! You can see them here,

  • 80a4aa6b29e6e9e68a67529efa0529fbe8983727_large

    Oct 26, 2011, 01.03 PMby emilypeace

    I’m so excited about this! I just got an old pair of bowling shoes and this is a perfect way to spice them up!!

  • Eline_large

    Oct 26, 2011, 06.25 AMby Leana Luna

    I love it! Just such a hint of glitter can make every dull and boring shoe into the most fabulous item of your whole outfit! Now I’ll have to get me some shoes to glitter up.. ;) Fun thing is, it was only just yesterday that I thought of maybe giving a themed party at new year’s eve, with Glitter and Glam as a theme ;) Shoes like this would be perfect! :)

  • Eline_large

    Oct 26, 2011, 06.25 AMby Leana Luna

    I love it! Just such a hint of glitter can make every dull and boring shoe into the most fabulous item of your whole outfit! Now I’ll have to get me some shoes to glitter up.. ;) Fun thing is, it was only just yesterday that I thought of maybe giving a themed party at new year’s eve, with Glitter and Glam as a theme ;) Shoes like this would be perfect! :)

  • Picture_3_large

    Oct 25, 2011, 08.23 PMby patache

    LOVE THIS!! I have a pair of pewter-y metallic pumps that are scratched and scuffed, and I cannot find a shoe polish to match. I will cover them with glitter instead!!

  • 20131007_193723_large

    Oct 23, 2011, 11.26 PMby Nicole Kendra

    Black ugly hills, just another thing to add to my thrift store shopping list tomorrow. I’m not as bold as most, so I’m gonna try black on black, sorry

    1 Reply
    • Fase_large

      Oct 23, 2011, 11.35 PMby themisslinds

      ooo i think black on black will look great. post pics of your shoes after you finish!

  • 2248651388_b7dff371cd_large

    Oct 23, 2011, 08.26 AMby victors

  • 2248651388_b7dff371cd_large

    Oct 23, 2011, 08.22 AMby victors

    This was on a UK tv programme recently. Presenter used sheets of glitter fabric, really stiff stuff, less mess than pots of glitter.

  • Purple-hat6_large

    Oct 23, 2011, 05.40 AMby misslivia

    This is totally on my list of things to DIY next!! Love this trend!

  • Missing

    Oct 23, 2011, 05.13 AMby Lisette O

    Wow, I really need to go thrift some heels and try this!

  • Missing

    Oct 23, 2011, 04.35 AMby rochelle49

    Great technique! Easy to understand instructions. Thanks! It make me get my creative brain working. Those curved heels are plain ugly with glitter or not>

  • Img_4396_large

    Oct 21, 2011, 07.45 PMby Martch

    I love how your shoes turned out! I will definitely give it try!

  • Missing

    Oct 21, 2011, 03.23 PMby jennidash

    i alter my shoes for shows regularly- acrylic paints are also great are acrylics are cheap and flexible and you can paint anything you want. My canvas shoes i just use ball point pens to graffiti and that seems to work just fine too.

    2 Replies
    • Missing

      Oct 22, 2011, 03.23 PMby claudinka

      Did I get this right? You paint the leather with acrylic paint? ‘Cause some days ago I was wondering how I could change the colour of some old black leather gloves… After some research on the internet I gave up. And that looks nice with the acrylic paint – you can’t see that its painted?

    • Missing

      Oct 23, 2011, 08.08 AMby jennidash

      I use mine mainly for stage work so the audience can’t tell if the finish is not perfect. if you want to alter expensive leather, there are leather paints/dyes available. best to always learn on projects that don’t matter so much. the shoes i alter for my own use are old/thrift store or bought very cheap and i paint flowers/fairys/geometrics. I am happy with the results but it depends what kind of finish you are after.

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