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Connect with BurdaStyle on Facebook and Twitter, or comment on this blog post, for your chance to win the book Little Green Dresses by Tina Sparkles!

The former host of DIYNetworks Stylelicious, Tina Sparkles is an amazingly talented designer and crafter based in Austin, Texas. With her newest book, planned for a September 14th release, she offers 50 original patterns to make repurposed garments with an environmentally-friendly appeal. The steps to lowering your carbon footprint has never been this chic!

Until Monday, August 30th, you can win your very own copy of “Little Green Dresses” before it hits stores.

To enter, connect with us on Facebook and Twitter, or comment on this blog post, then answer the following question: If you were asked to make a garment out of non-fashion materials, what materials would you choose?

If submitting an answer via Twitter, be sure to include the @BurdaStyle tag. If submitting via Facebook, enter your response as a comment when the question is posted on our fan page.

Good Luck!

- David @ BurdaStyle


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    Feb 13, 2017, 09.29 AMby fritzbingo

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    Feb 4, 2017, 06.17 AMby hest0n30

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    Jun 17, 2011, 05.30 PMby Terri Elverum

    I love the concept of this book and would love to win a copy! I would use old doilies and embroidered handkerchiefs with handspun coffee filters, newsprint or maps to knit or crochet and sew one of a kind garments and purses/bags!

  • Bloom_roses_large

    Aug 30, 2010, 07.27 PMby cam557

    I would use oilcloth to make fun and colorful raincoats and bags.

  • D396ea32db814cafb8c9e19242e4d7aa9e1c7c1a_large

    Aug 30, 2010, 06.42 PMby teamydear

    I would try to do something with the plastic cups yoghurt comes in. I always have so many of them!

  • Missing

    Aug 30, 2010, 04.33 PMby taiwo .

    Maybe make a ruffle skirt out of burlap! It might need some cotton lining though for comfort.

  • Missing

    Aug 27, 2010, 11.44 PMby toaster

    Ooo what a cool book…I hope my local library gets a copy!

  • Missing

    Aug 26, 2010, 02.23 PMby wackyblonde

    I would probably give a go at all the paper trash that ends up in my mailbox. Is this contest open to everyone or is it only US?

  • Missing

    Aug 26, 2010, 01.33 AMby sew2sew4

    I would choose to reuse so type of thin paper like tissue paper or thin plastic like plastic bags. These can be easily draped and folded and sewn into almost anything.

  • Missing

    Aug 25, 2010, 01.05 PMby Phyu Myo Hlaing(Jasmine)

    I used to learn fashion designing from catalogs which include patterns. And I would like to have more catalogs. I even wish to get published my own catalogs.

  • Ea2edb6a404bcc432ab73c6c058d91e982ef9e48_large

    Aug 24, 2010, 10.25 PMby erdronen

    I’d use catalog pages! I get way too many catalogs and most go straight to the recycle bin… what a terrible waste. As long as I’ve spent trying to cancel them, they still come.

  • 1294358_751189179120_568514115_o_copy_large

    Aug 24, 2010, 07.20 PMby tactilegoods

    Sometimes I make jewelry out of my old bike inner tubes- if I had enough I’d love to try something more ambitious!

  • Vinchicetsyavatar_large

    Aug 24, 2010, 01.39 PMby vinchicdesigns

    I love making new things out of old things. I just finished an adorable A-line skirt made from part of 2 pillow shams. I used up the remaining fabric on 2 other aprons and used the batting to stuff my dogs bed. There is nothing more satisfying than not having to take your garbage can out to the curb on the scheduled pick-up date.

  • Missing

    Aug 24, 2010, 11.19 AMby shacor

    I think I would choose old book pages!

  • 026_125_eves_a_singer_varrogep_preview_large

    Aug 24, 2010, 10.55 AMby hdk100

    How about making clothes out of aluminium foil from packages: chocolates for example. Colorful, easily shaped, waterproof… :) We use too much of that! But plastic bottles could work too… With underwear! Ha! Thanks for the contest!

  • Img_1298_large

    Aug 24, 2010, 10.38 AMby lubynite

    I linekd on twitter.. To the question I answer: I will use recycled paper!!

  • C0b97b6c409840a938b14eca760d45cab5c33403_large

    Aug 24, 2010, 09.55 AMby tfeliz

    I’ve wanted to create something out of Polynesian tapa which is made from bark. Maybe it’s still a fabric, but it’s certainly non-traditional here.

  • 17_large

    Aug 24, 2010, 09.16 AMby cicerocuce

    old umbrella’s fabric to sew hat or rain coat!

  • 3864138084_1fb5db6c00_large

    Aug 24, 2010, 08.55 AMby Ruffles Gazebo

    id use all the foam out of old couch cushions to make a crazy quilt like long jacket which is super padded and comfy that would mean you could sleep anywhere cause you’d be so warm and snuggly!…perfect for camping! or id somehow blow glass and turn it into a dress :p

    1 Reply
    • 3864138084_1fb5db6c00_large

      Aug 24, 2010, 08.56 AMby Ruffles Gazebo

      and u could give the jackets to homeless people so they are never cold at night!

  • B2516767d8e537cbb87e9deb3b8230f70ec4802b_large

    Aug 24, 2010, 08.36 AMby Shalyn McFaul

    While it may still be in the safer realm of ‘fabric’, I intend to ask around at some coffee shops in order to make a burlap dress. If I were just choosing something for an experiment I think I would choose leaves and other plant matter.

  • Heidi_large

    Aug 24, 2010, 08.36 AMby littlemissstitch1

    Oooooh this book looks great!!! I would try n make stuff using out of date telephone directories…. i love the colour Yellow :-)

  • Avatar3_large

    Aug 24, 2010, 08.32 AMby carottesauvage

    Waow! cool give away, using Tarpaulin as curtain is a good way to insulate, good to paint on it too.

  • Missing

    Aug 24, 2010, 08.28 AMby tapgirl

    Well, I think something out of the components of electronic waste – all those coloured wires and chip things.

  • Missing

    Aug 24, 2010, 07.28 AMby hellabiscuits

    Such an exciting giveaway! I’d have to second the commenters who mentioned using paper as an alternative source of material. Recycled paper, of course.

  • 601a1649d9394543c6a2b7a878a7807d4ae3693f_large

    Aug 24, 2010, 04.47 AMby norah

    I think I would use oilcloth -the sort used for washable tablecloths. At least I could wear my new dress out in the rain !

  • Missing

    Aug 24, 2010, 02.54 AMby momof11

    upholstery fabric, vintage table linens or curtains (ala Scarlet O’ Hara)

  • Img_1535_large

    Aug 24, 2010, 02.38 AMby cisforcarol

    Tina, Tina, she’s our man. If she can’t sew it, no one can! Already made the ultra miniskirt – can’t wait to make them all!

  • Missing

    Aug 24, 2010, 02.31 AMby Libby Macalister

    Finally the book I’ve been waiting for! Soon, my fabric will take form and all my forgottens will be forget-me-nots! TINA SPARKLES LIGHTS UP MY LIFE!!!

  • Etsy_large

    Aug 24, 2010, 01.37 AMby kmaxa

    I would most definately use the vinyl fabric from those old inflatable moonbounce things at kids birthday parties. I am thinking rain coats, rain hats and totes would all be great out of that bright material.

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