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Comment on the blog or connect with us on Twitter for your chance to win an autographed copy of “1,2,3 Sew: Build Your Skills with 33 Simple Sewing Projects” by Ellen Luckett Baker.

Published by Chronicle Books, “1,2,3 Sew” is an excellent resource to have in your library. Here is the description:

Sewing is as easy as 1-2-3! In this creative teaching book, craft blogger Ellen Luckett Baker offers a wholly unique approach to sewing: she presents projects in groups of three, each building on the techniques used in the project before. Baker shows, for example, how to sew a glasses case, then build on those skills to create a zippered pouch, and from there, make a more advanced cosmetics bag. There are 33 delightful projects in all, ranging from clothing to dcor and accessories. With easy-to-follow instructions, how-to illustrations, and 12 patterns tucked into an enclosed envelope, 1, 2, 3 Sew is an essential resource for beginning and intermediate sewers alike.

For purchasing information, please click here. Also, check out a project from the book, the 1,2,3 Sew Pintuck Clutch.

Until Tuesday, September 27 at 5:00 p.m. (EST), you can win a copy of this fun book, autographed by Ellen herself! To enter, answer the following question: Tell us three reasons why you love sewing or crafting.

If submitting an answer via Twitter, be sure to include the @BurdaStyle tag and the hashtag #comment2win.

Good Luck!

- David @ BurdaStyle


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    Sep 28, 2011, 03.16 AMby rifaa carter

    1)it’s me time 2)repurpose things i already have 3)create!

  • Missing

    Sep 27, 2011, 09.00 PMby kristyc71

    I love sewing because 1)its my personal form of meditation, 2) because I can keep learning new skills and improving and 3) because I can make gifts for others

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    Sep 27, 2011, 05.58 PMby ErikaB3

    i am just starting to sew again and i am doing it 1, because I need a personal creative outlet, 2, i can make gifts for freinds and 3, i can make items for my home\

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    Sep 26, 2011, 11.00 PMby baltisiulai

    Firstly I adore handmade things. Secondly it is hobby full of accomplishment sense. And finally it connects person I make things for and me with invisible threads.

  • Missing

    Sep 26, 2011, 01.54 PMby JMidwest

    I love to craft and sew because 1) I can make something completely unique, 2) it feels more meaniful to give a homemade project as a gift rathern than something mass produced 3) it connects me to my female ancestors.

  • 68e375b12add746db86ff64186ed232b50021fd9_large

    Sep 25, 2011, 01.58 AMby alexus1325

    1) Creative outlet! I’ve had the need to make things since I first started gluing macaroni to construction paper :D I can’t fulfill my crafty fantasies without practice, however. 2) The excitement of trying a new skill or technique. Seeing examples or even dreaming about a certain technique or shape or method, it all fires my imagination! 3) The satisfaction of figuring out a difficult construction, or finally getting a technique right, or just a project turning out EXACTLY how I wanted it… That feeling is worth any frustration in getting there!

  • Photo_272_large

    Sep 25, 2011, 12.53 AMby mwelland

    For me sewing and crafting is a way of connecting to my creativity. It connects me to the other women in my family who are also sewers and crafters. The sense of satisfaction and accomplishment that I get from creating with sewing is so healthy!

  • Img_20140630_081015_large

    Sep 24, 2011, 11.34 PMby captain-leslie

    i love sewing and crafting because i love when people complement me on the things i make, its very relaxing! and its my favorite thing to do!

  • 1_large

    Sep 24, 2011, 11.28 PMby madyb

    I love sewing because it refreshes me,gives me a feeling of satisfaction and makes me really happy!

  • Malindalloyd_large

    Sep 24, 2011, 07.32 PMby animegirlie

    1) sheer creativity 2) sense of accomplishment 3) I have something cool that no one else does and I made it!

  • Missing

    Sep 24, 2011, 06.59 PMby alana23

    1. allows me to be creative 2. makes me think, learn new skills 3. beautiful functional creations

  • Missing

    Sep 24, 2011, 02.44 AMby flutefish

    1) It’s a creative release 2) I love wearing/using/looking at/giving away something one-of-a-kind I’ve made 3) Other people are impressed, which makes me feel good about myself!

  • Missing

    Sep 23, 2011, 09.08 PMby mismis777

    I love sewing and crafting because I’m always amazed to actually make something myself. It’s lots of fun to make something unique, give it a special twist, and add my own mark to it. And I love to sew and craft because it relaxes me, there is no better reason for me.

  • Missing

    Sep 23, 2011, 08.00 PMby Anjomo

    I love that I can make something with my own hands, the feeling that I not only accomplished something but can see an immediate result, that I am able to make things I really want instead of compromising and buying something I kind of like, that I am getting a creative outlet… Oh, those were already four reasons and I could go on and on.

  • Image_large

    Sep 23, 2011, 04.25 PMby hanolalaith

    1. I love to make things – anything at all. 2. The challenge of figuring out how to make things, and 3. the unique results of the efforts make the whole thing worthwhile!

  • Photo_10_large

    Sep 23, 2011, 01.10 AMby cookie74

    I love to sew because 1. I can make something wearable out of a flat piece of fabric. 2. It’s relaxing. 3. I feel so accomplished when I finish a project.

  • Img_0022_large

    Sep 22, 2011, 11.40 PMby reLYME

    Tell us three reasons why you love sewing or crafting.

    I am fairly new to sewing, but so far, I’m loving it. At least I’ve made valiant efforts! Anyhow, I love sewing because it is a process craft…everything takes time—from fabric selection and measurements to cutting, pinning, and sewing, I love all the detail. I also love it because I can make things that I sew in stores at a lower pricepoint, and I usually like my versions better. I think the biggest perk of all to sewing is the fact that I can make clothes that actually fit my body. I don’t have to wrestle with garments in the fitting room, because I know they will fit!

  • Stuart_large

    Sep 22, 2011, 10.30 PMby Mankybam

    I love sewing (and fiber crafts) because 1) I like making things that I can’t find in the marketplace 2) it’s a new challenge (I am just learning) and 3) it’s useful to make things. I like to be useful. :-)

  • Missing

    Sep 22, 2011, 08.53 PMby Rachel Bain

    Only three reasons why I love sewing? That’ll be easy. 1. Size is pretty much irrelevant – if I see something in a store that I like, I can buy it and adjust it so that it fits me perfectly. 2. Assuming the project goes well, it’s a great way to take my mind off stressful things. 3. Let’s be honest, it feels good when people are ridiculously impressed.

  • Missing

    Sep 22, 2011, 08.34 PMby doadesigns

    I love to sew and craft because those are the memories of the best times I have of my Mum and Nanny, those are the memories I want my children to have, and its the best way to make a mess while having fun, inventing and expressing oneself at any age!

  • Missing

    Sep 22, 2011, 04.48 PMby teachny

    I love making personalized gift from the heart and hands.

  • Missing

    Sep 22, 2011, 04.31 PMby crinkle

    Just returned to sewing after a long absence and finding it challenging but very relaxing. I have gained confidence and joined the September sewalong with Gretchen and Peter and learned loads of new things. At the end of a project, there is a huge sense of satisfaction that I’ve created something unique – sometimes quirky when things don’t always go to plan but really loving my sewing and burda style members are so creative and sharing – it’s great!!

  • Missing

    Sep 22, 2011, 02.35 PMby Shazia Baker

    I love sewing because I can create something special, especially for my daughter, it is my “me” time and it is super fun!

  • Xx_228_large

    Sep 22, 2011, 10.27 AMby Mauricia Bento

    I like to sew because it keeps me entertained, I sew clothes to wear, and is useful for some work at home.

  • Amhb_sq_large

    Sep 22, 2011, 10.22 AMby adriprints

    Looks like a promising beginner’s book! Three reasons I like to sew… 1- I love choosing the color and fabric for a specific project 2- I like sewing because I can make things that fit me perfectly 3 – I like to sew because sewing is a process-oriented activity with logical steps, but it’s also one of those activities with endless possibilities.

  • Missing

    Sep 22, 2011, 03.44 AMby Nikki Smith

    I love crafting and sewing because There is no limit to what you can use to create with Your outcome can just be fun, not just practical And it’s a great way to meet/hang out with people while doing.

  • Missing

    Sep 22, 2011, 02.49 AMby Phyu Myo Hlaing(Jasmine)

    Sewing is one of my hobbies and I love to wear the garments which I myself create. And it helps me save my money because I do not need to pay dressmakers for making my clothes.

  • Dsc_0598_large

    Sep 22, 2011, 01.51 AMby auschick

    1) bragging rights 2) doing my own custom work 3) seeing conception become reality

  • Lrm_profile_large

    Sep 22, 2011, 01.16 AMby lrm

    Thank you- this is so exciting since this book is on the top of my list and I’ve been wanting a copy- and autographed would be really special! I’m certain it would become a useful (and well-used) resource… So, to get back to the question… I love sewing/crafting/making because: They are wonderful creative outlets that lead to tangible and beautiful results that you can actually use or wear! -With everything standardized and mass-produced these days, the most meaningful and best-loved gifts are those that are handmade and unique… and it always shows on the recipient’s face when they realize the effort and thought put into a sewn or crafted gift. :) -Crafting keeps me healthy! It gets me away from the computer screen, keeps my hands moving, my brain active and my head clear almost in a meditative way… just the best means to escape the hectic pace of the world around me… Thanks for the opportunity!

  • Missing

    Sep 21, 2011, 11.04 PMby Cristin Vosburgh

    I love sewing & crafting because: 1. It allows me to use my brain in a fun & creative way 2. I can create for my children/family/friends &I give in way that brings both sides joy & delight 3. It is my time to “get away” even if I am still 5 feet from everyone else ;)

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