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The votes are in! Read on to find out the winners of the BurdaStyle Vintage Modern Sewing Contest.

To kick off the new year, we celebrated the release of our new book with an exciting sewing competition open to the international BurdaStyle community – the BurdaStyle Vintage Modern Sewing Contest – and the turnout was wonderful!

The contest requirement was to enter a fashion sewing creation that showcased your take on giving a vintage look a modern spin, using one of the 5 base patterns from the book. You can read all about the contest details here. When the deadline was met and all submissions were in, the BurdaStyle team selected and posted 20 finalists in a slideshow gallery and the community voting began!

The Grand Prize goes to Community Choice Winner, with 557 votes, Elochka for her Scala Dress. Elochka will be receiving a $100 USD gift card to Hart’s Fabric, 3 yards of fabric from Spoonflower of the winner’s choosing, a $50 USD gift card to MOO that can be used toward the purchase of 40 postcards or 100 business cards, a fabric assortment from B&J Fabrics (approximately $550 USD in value), and a limited edition BurdaStyle tote bag.

Congratulations Elochka!

The BurdaStyle Community Choice Runner-Up, with 455 votes, goes to Gurda8 for her Dream Date Dress. Gurda8 will be receiving a $100 USD gift card to MOO that can be used toward the purchase of 80 postcards or 200 business cards and a limited edition BurdaStyle tote bag.

Congratulations Gurda8!

The BurdaStyle Favorite goes to jon994 for her Springtime Fun and Couture Dress. She will be receiving a new travel iron.

Congratulations jon994!

Thank you to all for participating in this fun and inspiring competition. We were overwhelmed by your response and by the talent displayed in each contest entry.


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