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BurdaStyle is pleased to announce the introduction of burda style magazine patterns onto the site! Beginning today, we are presenting 51 hand picked patterns from the existing 2010 issues of burda style magazine. Each month hereafter, we will be showcasing more than 30 burda style magazine patterns specially chosen by our creative team expressly for you, our wonderful community! These fresh new patterns include plus-size options, children’s patterns and spot on trends.

This is an amazing opportunity to have both BurdaStyle patterns and burda style magazine patterns under one roof, we are excited to see your creations from both design houses.

While similar in .PDF format to BurdaStyle.com patterns, burda style magazine patterns do have key differences that you should be aware of:

- Seam allowance: burda style magazine patterns do not have seam allowance included. Such is the standard for all burda style magazine’s printed patterns. You must add seam allowance yourself.

- Copyright Laws: burda style magazine patterns are not under the same open source umbrella as we are, and therefore are somewhat restricted in use by the copyright laws maintained under burda style magazine.

- What does this mean? You are welcome to download burda style magazine’s patterns and sew from them, but you are not allowed to use the patterns for commercial production, sell the garments sewn from these patterns, or sell or give away the patterns.

- Pattern Pricing: Our friends from burdastyle magazine found it easier to have one standard price: $5.40

- What is the difference between BurdaStyle.com and burda style magazine? Both burda style magazine and BurdaStyle.com have the same parent company, Hubert Burda Media. However, each company has a separate staff and are run autonomously of one another. In 1949 Aenne Burda founded a fashion magazine printing and publishing company in her home town Offenburg, Germany. The first issue of Burda Moden magazine was published in 1950 and quickly became the the world’s largest magazine for sewing enthusiasts. My aim is to put together practical fashions at an affordable price that can be worn by the largest possible number of women. Aenne Burda.
BurdaStyle.com was created in 2007 by Nora Abousteit and Benedikta von Karaisl and is based in the USA focusing on a new target group.

- Will there still be a new BurdaStyle project each week? Yes! We will continue to produce new and inspiring projects created by our BurdaStyle designers and colleagues each week.

Check out the great projects and patterns now!


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    Feb 3, 2016, 08.59 PMby Jonster

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    Feb 22, 2014, 11.29 AMby aida alam

    hi! i want to get pattern burda 1/2011.what shoud i do? tnx

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    Feb 22, 2014, 11.29 AMby aida alam

    hi! i want to get pattern burda 1/2011.what shoud i do? tnx

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    Mar 29, 2013, 01.13 PMby bscheels

    I purchased Girl’s ruffled bottom dress, Pattern Number 4/2010. They are lacking instructions as to attaching the ruffles, any help would be appreciated. Thanks

  • Image_large

    Jan 28, 2013, 02.14 AMby clkearnsz

    I’m actually happy to hear that even those seasoned at sewing found this frustrating and confusing! I’m brand new to sewing and because of the novice designation I wanted this to be my first article of clothing on my own…it was and is discouraging and it will be a miracle if I ever finish!! Lol. At least I know it’s not COMPLETELY a lack of capability on my part. Whew :)

  • Missing

    Jan 26, 2013, 09.31 PMby anaelmer

    I wish I would have known how confusing this was going to be. I love the top and was excited to make it. It took for ever to piece the pattern together over and hour. Then you have to trace it to tracing paper. I started to do this and am now stuck. I looked at the pattern and it is only three pieces. I cant tell where the sleeves are supposed to be where are the cuffs?? I am I just supposed to make them my self? Im thinking I wasted my money on this and a lot of trees, ink and tape oh and not to mention my time for which I have very little of. and like every one above I agree the instructions are a joke.

  • Missing

    Dec 22, 2012, 02.42 AMby karenmjudge

    The “instructions” for these patterns are a joke, truly. I don’t know how this company stays in business.

    1 Reply
    • Missing

      Jul 10, 2014, 08.12 PMby misselawa

      i think the same too :-/

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    Nov 13, 2012, 02.58 PMby flyred77

    Hi all,

    I just bought a few patterns, BEFORE I read this link. I am beginning to think this adventure might suck. :-( I too have a few suggestions, even though I have not created anything yet. If I am going to buy patterns, it would be nice to actually have account setting, where I can see what patterns I have purchased, re-download them if necessary, and generally manage my account. I would not even mind the price so much since the patterns are always very trendy and I can still make more than one, but, if I find I cannot even make one because the instructions are so poor, then it will all be a waste.

  • Missing

    Nov 10, 2012, 06.49 AMby katharine

    Happy about this, sort of. I like not having seam allowances because it makes it much easier to adjust the patterns and frankenstein them together. But I hate having to tape together tiled patterns. It takes a long time, it is messy, and it introduces error. There is no earthly reason why they can’t offer all of these as a print at copy shop option. If they did that, and made these a little less expensive, I’d want to buy them. As it is, not worth the effort.

  • Missing

    Oct 16, 2012, 06.49 PMby Bonita Bon Bons

    these designs look great so I brought one..finally got it all stuck together and now im just scratching my head.. these instructions aren’t clear at all! in fact they are only adding to my confusion.. wth am i supposed to do with this i feel like iv been majorly ripped off..wish i’d read this thread before….

  • 2_large

    Oct 1, 2012, 12.38 AMby paollawanglon

    I have recently purchased an online pattern from this site for the first time and I am pretty sure I won’t do that again in the future. First of all, the lack of seam allowances is ridiculous and terribly increases the amount of work I have to do. Second, the instructions barely make sense and seem to be a bad translation from another language. If I hadn’t been sewing for a while already I’d be completely lost, to the point that I totally ignored the instructions and went my own way. The markings in the pattern aren’t practical and don’t help the sewer at all. If those problems were to be solved the price that’s being asked for these patterns might be close to fair, but the way things are, it is not. The style of the clothes is nice, but having to play a guessing game with pattern pieces everytime I have to make something is tireing.

  • Missing

    Jun 11, 2012, 09.24 PMby Lynn Aitken Byrne

    It’s a valid point that the printer ink makes these patterns VERY expensive. It also makes them a pain in the ass.. I have bought patterns in this way in the past and have never finished one project, having become sickened by the piles of paper and sealotape wrestling. I also agree that a sketch of the design is not enough. Burda seem to just extract as much money as possible from customers. I know its early days, but when BurdaStyle experience ZERO sales, then perhaps they will re-think the $5.40 price tag for a single bag or pair of shorts. What about an option to generate a patten via a partner who will print and post a pattern? I really think the cluster option suggested by others is also a great idea.

    1 Reply
    • Charlie_in_blue_on_the_wharf_-_closer_large

      Jun 18, 2012, 08.06 PMby PrettyCharlie

      I buy patterns from Vogue on a regular basis, and if you watch for the sales they can often be purchased in US currency for about $4.00 each.

      To offer this service, Vogue/McCalls/etc incurs all the costs for printing, packaging, inventory management & storage, running a shipping department etc.. I pay my own shipping costs ($4/3 patterns, and I’m in Canada) and any local taxes. Sure, the patterns can take up to 3 weeks to get here, but even with these issues I think they are a better deal than the Burda online ones, especially when you factor in the extra time, hassle and work just to get them to the level my Vogue ones are right out of the box. Food for thought, anyway.

  • Missing

    Apr 19, 2012, 08.09 AMby elisabethpatroon

    what do the sizes 72-76-80 etc mean? what are the corresponding european sizes?

  • Dodo_large

    May 7, 2011, 02.35 AMby lila-1

    I’d like to preface this post by saying I love this site, I check it every day and it is pretty much the only company I buy modern patterns from. I recommend this site to all my sewing friends – I like your stuff Burda :) BUT. This year from BURDASTYLE’s patterns I would like to see: 1. BETTER INSTRUCTIONS. I’m not normally someone who uses instructions, but for example with the Stinchcomb jacket, I really really needed them. It isn’t an easy garment, eventually I just binned my creation. If I am struggling, I can imagine many other people are too. 2. ALL THE PATTERN PIECES INCLUDED. I realise that some pattern pieces are pretty easy to draft myself, however if I wanted to draft the pattern myself I would not have paid for a pattern. Examples I have found recently are the Trousers with Ankle Zips (waistband piece) and the Plaid Jacket (pocket piece). Wth?

    Otherwise, again, love this site and what it offers.

    2 Replies
    • Charlie_in_blue_on_the_wharf_-_closer_large

      Jun 18, 2012, 07.51 PMby PrettyCharlie

      Agree on all counts. Thanks for posting. :)

    • Missing

      Jul 18, 2012, 10.22 PMby Aykadil

      I sort of reported this by misstake.
      I use this opportunity to tell you that I agree with everything lila-1 said and only wants to add that it would be great if you did something to make it less likely for clumsy people like me to click the reportbutton by misstake…

  • Missing

    Mar 3, 2011, 12.07 PMby beckly

    I have to agree with other criticisms of this system. I’ve bought downloads from other companies for the same price and received multiple patterns and full pattern markings and instructions. I’ve been sewing for years yet I was still amazed by the limited instructions (which in the pattern I bought omits a step for the facings altogether) and the lack of seam allowances. I mean, come on! Seam allowances are basic! I like Burda’s style, its patterns are much fresher than other companies’ but sadly I’m not going this route again.

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