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There are those who would argue that each bi-annual fashion season begins with the couture, in Paris, and end with the prêt-a-porter, in Paris, and that everything in between Paris and Paris is just a lot of noise about clothes. But anyone who attends the shows knows that, as a habit of mind, fashion begins in New York. It’s with the New York City collections that the fashion week tempo is establishedthe rush from here to there and back again; the horror, overtaking you all of a sudden, that your outfit was only up to the last minute; the sensory overload that descends after a couple days navigating the scene on too little sleep and fashionably little food. It starts with the New York, and these days, the fashion season doesn’t end in Paristhe incorrigible go on to Sydney and Sao Paulo, Moscow and L.A., Miami and Toronto, and maybe even Stockholm, Mumbai, Jamaica, Beijing.

Frankly, I don’t know how they do it. The one season I attempted all four major fashion weeksNew York to London, London to Milan, Milan to ParisI arrived back home vaguely happy that soon, global warming would obviate the need for fashion, we would all run around naked and hot and be done with runways utterly and forever. For all the glamour, the flashbulbs and champagne, fashion is hard work. After a month of non-stop shows, I for one looked like I’d aged into the next season of clothes. This time, however, I’m taking preventive measures: I’m arming myself with skyn ICELAND’s STRESS DEFENSE CREAM. The whole skyn ICELAND range is designed to counteract stress I’m a particular fan of the line’s minty, foaming cleanser, which has a cooling effect on the skin and the mindbut the Stress Defense Cream was tailor-made for Fashion Week. Applied selectively, targeting the places on your face where the rictus sets in, it’s a bit like topical Botox. And over time, the cream works cumulatively to diminish the frown lines of fashion weeks past. I’ve never been so happy to look so last season.


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