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Anyone familiar with GenArt knows about their amazing ability to find and promote new talent in fashion, film, art and music and was both saddened and surprised by their sudden departure from the scene last summer. However, GenArt is back and officially relaunching it’s “Fresh Faces in Fashion” shows which in the past has helped to catapult the careers of Zac Posen, Phillip Lim, Geren Ford, Rebecca Taylor and Vena Cava, just to name a few.

This year the GenArt team will be hosting “Fresh Faces” shows at both New York (September 2011) and Los Angeles (October 2011) fashion weeks and is looking for a new set of talented clothing and accessory designers to showcase their work for influential buyers, stylists, retailers and fashion enthusiasts. Think you’ve got what it takes? (and I know more than a few of our BurdaStyle members do!) For more information and to apply to be a “Fresh Face” check out


  • Mlonghs_large

    Jun 21, 2011, 08.51 PMby mlssfshn

    Yes, 2 seasons sold in stores! It’s so hard getting into boutiques in this economy. My Spring which was my first collection didn’t sell a piece even showing in 2 Regional fashion weeks. I’ve been told to go consignment but it’s hard to invest so much when your retail is $200-500 and you don’t get paid until things sell and then all the consignment shops I find want retail to be 50-75 and $100 to be the most expensive.

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    • B7ac9c599b960e8b2b4c593e62f5903862798f3b_large

      Jun 22, 2011, 06.37 AMby myk

      yes it’s tough! that’s why I just do custom’s difficult to put out money when after a few months, the designs are out of season already!

  • N763871858_885538_6844_large

    Jun 21, 2011, 03.49 PMby laurafm

    Let’s apply :) I know I won’t be selected but that’s not an opportunity you can miss!

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    • B7ac9c599b960e8b2b4c593e62f5903862798f3b_large

      Jun 21, 2011, 04.06 PMby myk

      I’d really love to but it says in the rules that you’d have to have shipped to or sold a season in 2 stores…that’s a bummer for me :(

  • B7ac9c599b960e8b2b4c593e62f5903862798f3b_large

    Jun 21, 2011, 03.22 PMby myk

    wow, cool! I did not see that! :) thanks for pointing that out!

  • B7ac9c599b960e8b2b4c593e62f5903862798f3b_large

    Jun 21, 2011, 10.19 AMby myk

    Lucky US talents! I hope they also have for overseas talents as well :)

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    • Fase_large

      Jun 21, 2011, 02.16 PMby themisslinds

      If you read the official rules, anyone in the world can apply they just suggest that designers in European/South American countries apply for the New York show and Asian/Pacific Rim countries apply for the LA show.

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