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DIY Shoe Embellishments


Shoes are not only made for walking, they are also made to create a big impression. Take a look at these exciting ideas for making shoes a little more glamorous…

Sewing Lesson: Bomber Jacket #114A 04/2017


You can do it! Thanks to clear, step-by-step instructions, even creative beginners can sew this season’s trendiest jacket for themselves. Follow this sewing lesson to make our Bomber Jacket pattern that debuted in our Must Haves pattern collection from the April 2017 issue of BurdaStyle Magazine. Check out all the great diagrams to help you sew this on-trend jacket.

5 Essentials for your Work Wardrobe


We don’t need hundreds of pieces to be stylish at the office throughout the year! Just a few reliable essentials help creating a nice outfit and being out of the door fast in the morning. Even better when those pieces are not too standard but have a little twist here and there, like ruffles, split seams or an over-sized fit. Sew yourself one of each five essentials and mix and match them easily!

Meg's Magazine Mash Up 04/2017: Part 2


I made some great progress on my jumper this past week and excited to announce that you can now download the jumper digital pattern to sew along to make your own variation. Read on to see how I sewed the pockets, waistband, and side seam placket pieces for the snaps…

BurdaStyle Academy: April & May 2017 Course Calendar

Here is the second half of April & all of May 2017 course calendar! If you want to start right away check out all our on-demand courses as well.

Quick Tip: Making a Custom Size Line


Your waist is size 38 but your hips are 40? No problem. We’ll show you how to fit your favorite garment exactly to your individual body form.

Must Haves: 8 New Women's Sewing Patterns


A bold printed jumper dress, satin bomber jacket and hoodie dress are all must haves for the ultimate “cool girl” and they’re all included in this new collection from the April 2017 issue of BurdaStyle. Read on to see all the new patterns as well as editor picks for fabrics that you can sew these designs in from fabric.com.

Advanced Pattern Making


I have a brand new course starting in a couple of days entitled Pattern Making Skills for the Advanced Sewist and I’m really excited about it! I wanted to develop and film a course that teaches more advanced pattern making techniques for those who have taken my other beginner pattern making courses. Read on to learn more and register…

DIY Drawstring Back Pack


QUICK & CHIC: This patchwork-look drawstring bag is so quick to sew that it can instantly be put to good use. What does it carry? Our gym clothes or necessities for an evening out …

March 2017 Best Seller Bundle


The third month of 2017 has come to a close and now we’re feeling the start of Spring and it also means another best seller patter bundle! We have compiled the top three selling patterns in March 2017 and bundled them at a discount. Read on to download yours and see member projects of some of the patterns…

Spring Styles


Let’s get ready for the warmer months! Fashionistas have loved the website WhoWhatWear.com during the last couple of years and it serves as great source of inspiration for us at BurdaStyle, too. They not only feature the most popular brands, but also capture street styles in New York, Paris and Milan. One of their newest articles about spring styles even made us recreate some of their street style outfits with our BurdaStyle patterns. After picking suitable shirts, pants and dresses, we added some cool accessories for every outfit. Here we go…

Accessories and denims via Shopbop, Nordstrom and H&M

Meg's Magazine Mash Up 04/2017: Cutting Out


Hi BurdaStylers! I know it has been a while since I wasn’t able to post last week due to filming a new online course, but now that I have returned to my regular routine I had time to start sewing my 04/2017 Mash Up. Read on to see my first steps in sewing this petite sized jumper sewing pattern from the April issue.

Quick Guide: All About Binding


Binding is a proficient and professional way of finishing edges like necklines, armhole, and even hemlines. Cut binding in a contrasting fabric for a pop color and added detail to your garment. Read on to see how to bind various edges of fabric.

To the Sea: 7 New Women's Sewing Patterns


Hurrah! Holiday time has arrived! Or at least time for a meander through the city. Styles for moms and kids – in fantastic maritime colors and nautical styles.

The Big Day - Wedding Accessories


Whether you are planning a spectacular event or prefer a relaxed and laid-back wedding, these accessories will help you achieve your personal dream style!

Accessories, make-up and fragrances via Shopbop, Nordstrom, Asos and Sephora


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