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Pattern Grading for Plus Size


During this web seminar you learn to grade Plus Sizes to paper patterns! Read more here!

This Thursday's Pattern Making/Grading Stretch Fabrics Web Seminar

Register here for the live event!

Pattern Making and Grading for Stretch Fabric Patterns


This web seminar is for sewers wanting to learn about pattern making and grading for sewing patterns you want to sew in stretch fabric Sign-up here!

"The Next Level Knock-Off": Creating Patterns from Ready-to-wear Designs


Learn how to transfer the fit and design of a ready-to-wear garment to a paper pattern! Read more here!

Learning to Fit Using Your Tried 'N True Patterns


Thursday’s web seminar is for anyone who has a Tried ‘n True pattern and wants to learn how to use it to fit new, fresh out of the envelope patterns! Sign-up here!

Sewing Stretch Knits for Swimwear and Intimate Apparel


In Monday’s Web Seminar you’ll learn how to make your home sewn knits look off-the-rack! Sign-up here!

Web Seminar! Business: Get Started Teaching Sewing


If you love sewing and are eager to pass your skills on to other then Monday’s Web Seminar is PERFECT for you! Sign up here for Monday’s Web Seminar!

Web Seminar: How to Sew New Life Into Your Old Clothes


Be ready to transform your wardrobe, and give yourself custom pieces that you can’t find anywhere else.Sign up here for Monday’s Web Seminar!

Tailoring Tips and Tricks


Are you frustrated by working really hard on your garments but not quite getting that polished look? Learn a number of easy techniques in Monday’s Web Seminar! Sign up here!

Knitwear Patternmaking: Transforming Woven Patterns For Stretch Fabrics


Learn ALL about sewing ease and how it applies to pattern drafting! Sign up here for Thursday’s Web Seminar!

Top Tips for Drafting Patterns Using Dress Form and Draping


Drafting patterns on dress form versus draping is totally different. Let us show you the easiest and quickest way to do both! Sign up here for Top Tips for Drafting Patterns Using Dress Form and Draping!

Web Seminar: Adobe Illustrator for Fashion Design


Do you love to draw? How about digitally bringing your designs to life? This web seminar teaches you how translate your sketches or fashion ideas! Sign up Here!

Buy our Alison Pattern and Get the Web Seminar for Free!


Now until the end of June if you purchase our vintage-style Alison Bathing Suit you will get the corresponding Alison Web Seminar for FREE! Sewing yourself a bathing suit for the summer couldn’t be any easier (and cheaper) with this limited time promotion. You’ll get a pattern and a 60 min Web Seminar recording of how to sew and even modify the style and fit of this popular pattern for only $3.99.

Web Seminar: Creating Your Own E-Boutique- No Web Design Skills Needed!


This web seminar is for anyone who wants to create their own website and/or sell their products online! Sign up Here!

Bring Your Designs to Life: Transfer your Style Lines from Sketch to Pattern


During this web seminar you will learn how to incorporate your sketch and transfer those new style lines and or details to your physical pattern. Sign up for Thursday’s Web Seminar Bring Your Designs to Life: Transfer your Style Lines from Sketch to Pattern


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