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for Fashion Sewers

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Secret Ways to Make Your Sewing Blog a Success


If you want to start your own sewing blog or if you’re ready to bring your blog to the next level, then sign up for Thursday’s Web Seminar Secret Ways to Make Your Sewing Blog a Success

Sewing for Customers


In Monday’s Web Seminar learn how to jungle being the sewer, designer, customer service and marketing department without feeling overwhelmed. Sign up for Sewing for Customers!

"Knock-off":Creating patterns from Ready-to-Wear Designs


In Thursday’s Web Seminar Learn how to transfer the fit and design of a ready-to-wear garment to a paper pattern! Sign up now for Knock-Off: Creating Patterns from Ready-to Wear-Designs!

For Women and Men: Draft Your Own Personal Sloper


Create a perfect fitting pair of pants crafted from your personal body measurements! Sign up now for For Women and Men: Draft your Own Personal Sloper

How to Modify Pattern Styles


In this web seminar you’ll learn all the basics of pattern making, so you will feel comfortable altering any pattern to a style that really says “you!" Sign up now for How to Modify Pattern Styles

How to Create a Bankable Brand from Sewing


In Thursday’s web seminar you’ll learn how to profit from your sewing projects! Sign up now for How to Create a Bankable Brand from Sewing

Sew-Along: Silk Motorcycle Jacket


Do you love those stylish Motocycle Jackets being worn? Have a slight phobia in trying to sew one alone? Scared of sewing silk because of horror stories? The key to a perfectly fitting jacket is to make sure you follow patterns to your liking instead of having the terror of a million alterations after you have completed the piece.

How to Sew Faster


In Monday’s web seminar learn how to sew twice as much in HALF the time!
Sign up now for How to Sew Faster

Sew a Flattering Summer Skirt: From Drafting Through Construction


Learn how to draft an easy summer skirt using just a few of your own measurements.
Sign up here for Thursday’s Web Seminar Sew A Flattering Summer Skirt : From Drafting Through Construction!

Pattern Making and Grading for Stretch Fabric Patterns


This web seminar is for sewers wanting to learn about pattern making and grading for sewing patterns you want to sew in stretch fabric! Sign up here for: Pattern Making and Grading for Stretch Fabric Patterns!

Flat Patterning: Draft a Child's Bodice Sloper from Measurements


Do you love to sew for children or want to learn? How about wanting a fit that is great on a child? Then Thursday’s Web Seminar is for you! Sign up for Flat Patterning: Draft a Child’s Bodice Sloper!

Vintage Sewing Techniques: from Preparing Fabric to Finishing Details


Broaden your technique repertoire by adding couture options for sewing your garments! Sign up for Monday’s web seminar and learn all about Vintage Sewing Techniques!

From Passion to Profit: Turning Your Hobby Into a Business


Learn steps you can take right now to turn something you love into a business! Sign up for Thursday’s web seminar!

Pattern Drafting: Learn How to Develop your own Personal Bodice and Skirt Slopers


Learn how to manipulate basic slopers and add design elements to create new patterns! Sign up for Monday’s web seminar!

Illustrator, Etsy, Sewing Techniques & MORE!


Did you miss one of our fabulous web seminars? If you were not able to sign-up for the live event, but still want all of the amazing tips and techniques presented in our web seminar series, You can get them on-demand here!


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