Web Seminar: Custom Orders - Contracting with Clients from Consult to Finished Product


Do you own or are thinking about staring your own custom sewing business? This web seminar will give you the tools you need to make interacting with your client a success from start to finish.

Web Seminar: Fashion Board 101 - Shape Your Design Inspiration


Learn how to construct fashion design boards using Adobe Photoshop to improve your approach to fashion design in Monday’s live web seminar.

Web Seminar: Transformational Reconstruction - Japanese Techniques


Is your design creativity dictated by darts? Do most of your garments revolve around the same style lines, with waist and shoulder darts shaping every piece you design? With this technique, you will be able to transform a basic bodice into a work of art!

Web Seminar: From Sketch to Pattern - Turn Your Fashion Sketch Into a Pattern!


Do you find yourself doodling fashion sketches and dream up designs of your very own? Bring your personal style to life and learn how to transfer these ideas onto your sewing pattern in Monday’s web seminar, From Sketch to Pattern: How to Transfer Your Style Lines From Your Fashion Sketch to Your Pattern.

Web Seminar: Men's Suit Alterations & Tailoring


There’s no sharper look than a tailored suit! Learn how to make the most common alterations to a men’s suit. This web seminar is great if you’d like to starting making money by doing men’s tailoring.

Web Seminar: How to Land a Job in the Fashion Industry


Take this web seminar to learn valuable tips for setting yourself apart from the crowd when you apply to your dream job in the fashion industry!

Web Seminar: Adjusting Fit Throughout the Garment Construction Process


Do you love to sew your own clothes but struggle with getting the fit just right in spite of doing pattern fittings or even sewing a muslin?

Ready, Set, Sew: January Web Seminars


Did you make a sewing-related New Year’s resolution this year? Whether you’re hoping to land a job in the fashion industry or if you’ve resolved to finally open up an Etsy shop to sell your handiwork, we have the instruction and expertise you’ll need in our January web seminars!

Web Seminar: How to Design an Aesthetically Pleasing Garment


Get fashion school know-how at a fraction of the price!

Web Seminar: Sweater Rehab - Give Fresh Life to Well-Loved Garments!


This Thursday, give your old sweaters fresh life and a new look with our Sweater Rehab web seminar!

Web Seminar: How to Sew Collars and Stands


This Thursday, learn the art of sewing a perfect collar and stand. You will learn things that are not written in any books or pattern guide sheets, so don’t miss out!

Web Seminar: Combining Patterns - How to Personalize Your Sewing

Register for this week's web seminar on combining patterns.
Do you love to sew but are frustrated with the limited options presented by commercial patterns? Do you lack the technical skills to draft your own patterns? If you have ever wistfully sighed over a gorgeous dress that would be perfect if only it had sleeves, or otherwise wanted to customize your pattern to make it the most stylish, figure-flattering look for YOU, this web seminar is for you!

Web Seminar: How to Draw Garment Technical Drawings in Adobe Illustrator


Are you a tech-saavy sewer and aspiring fashion designer? Learn how to bring your hand drawn garment sketches to the next level and computerize them for a more professional look.

Web Seminar: Knit Picky - How to Get Superb Results with Knits!

Register for this week's web seminar on knits. Do you love the thought of sewing knits but with every attempt get less than subpar results? Maybe you’re a frequent knit sewer but limit or refrain from using knits because you don’t feel as comfortable with sewing them.

Web Seminar: The Secrets of Beautiful Sleeves


Are you less than happy with your sleeves? Are there always little puckers in the sleeve caps that make you crazy? Do you rip out and restitch your sleeves many times before they look more or less OK? Is one sleeve always perfect and the other one not so much?


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