Web Seminar: Combining Patterns - How to Personalize Your Sewing

Register for this week's web seminar on combining patterns.
Do you love to sew but are frustrated with the limited options presented by commercial patterns? Do you lack the technical skills to draft your own patterns? If you have ever wistfully sighed over a gorgeous dress that would be perfect if only it had sleeves, or otherwise wanted to customize your pattern to make it the most stylish, figure-flattering look for YOU, this web seminar is for you!

Web Seminar: How to Draw Garment Technical Drawings in Adobe Illustrator


Are you a tech-saavy sewer and aspiring fashion designer? Learn how to bring your hand drawn garment sketches to the next level and computerize them for a more professional look.

Web Seminar: Knit Picky - How to Get Superb Results with Knits!

Register for this week's web seminar on knits. Do you love the thought of sewing knits but with every attempt get less than subpar results? Maybe you’re a frequent knit sewer but limit or refrain from using knits because you don’t feel as comfortable with sewing them.

Web Seminar: The Secrets of Beautiful Sleeves


Are you less than happy with your sleeves? Are there always little puckers in the sleeve caps that make you crazy? Do you rip out and restitch your sleeves many times before they look more or less OK? Is one sleeve always perfect and the other one not so much?

Web Seminar: How to Sew For Clients and Start Your Own Sewing Business


Have you ever wanted to start a sewing business but just didn’t know how to exactly go about it? Do you want to know how to get started? Who to target and what goods or services you can render? How much you should charge?

Web Seminar: Pattern Grading - How to adjust patterns to fit you perfectly!


Do you dream of wearing a garment that fits YOU perfectly? Learn how to perfectly fit a garment by making alterations to the pattern before you sew in Thursday’s webinar.

Web Seminar: Create a Kimono-Style Jacket - 3 Different Versions & No Pattern Needed!


Create this easy-to-wear, easy-to-make jacket based on 3 basic body measurements.

Tissue Fitting for Plus Sizes: Grade any pattern to fit your figure!


Are you continually frustrated because you want to sew for yourself but can’t find patterns large enough?  Would you rather accentuate your good points instead of those less desirable? Learn to finally fit your figure – no matter what your size!

Sewing Time Management: Maximize Your Sewing Time


Are you sick and tired of not having enough time to sew? When you do find time to sew, do you feel like you’re getting minimal amounts of work accomplished? If you wrestle with those feelings of frustration then this web seminar is for you.

Sewing Knits For Everyone (Even For Those Without a Serger!)


Would you love to start working with knits but are afraid to try? Have you tried to sew knits but were disappointed with the results? Do you do all your sewing on a conventional sewing machine and wonder if you really need a serger before you tackle knits?

Web Seminar: Soft Tailoring a Ladies' Jacket


Are you ready to get into more complicated construction techniques but don’t have the time for traditional tailoring techniques? Soft tailoring, with the strategic use of fusible interfacings, is the key.

Web Seminar: Alterations - Effective Methods of Garment Adjustment, Deconstruction and Repair


Have you’ve ever felt the sting of disappointment after grabbing the perfect outfit only to realize it fits you terribly? Does it break your heart throwing out perfectly adequate jackets because the zipper is in need of repair?

Web Seminar: Sewing with Winter Fabrics


Learn techniques for sewing with the season’s luxurious fabrics: velvet, fur, leather, suede, woolens, and more!

Webinar: How Give Your Garment a Professional Finish


Do you do everything right, follow all the instructions carefully, but still feel your finished garments have a touch of the made-at-home look? If so, you are like most sewers and this webinar is for you.

Web Seminar: Waistband Techniques


Get the full scoop on installing and adjusting waistbands in your garments.


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