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The Wonders Of Sewing Linen


Sewing linen? Here are some things to know…

Tips For Baste Sewing


Do you need to baste for your next sewing project? Here’s a bit about basting to help you through…

Tips For Sewing A Zipper


About to install a zipper? Here are some tips…

Sewing With Leather


Interested in sewing leather? Here are some things you need to know to make it easier, whether you’re sewing a real, natural hide or a man-made product that closely resembles leather.

Beginner Tips For Sewing A Skirt


4 skirt-making tips that translate to any project you’re sewing.

How To Make A Pattern From Your Favorite Pants


Want to duplicate your favorite pair of pants? Here’s how to create a pattern you can use over and over…

How To Sew A Hip Pocket


A hip pocket isn’t difficult to sew. You just have to do the proper steps in the right order!

How To Sew A Zipper In A Dress


Having troubles installing a zipper in a dress? Here’s how…

Popular Marking Tools In Sewing


The three most popular marking tools…

What Is Nap?


Think you know what it means for a fabric to have nap? Denise sets the record straight.

Wear it With Fringe: My Finished Fringed Vest


Yesterday Ty posted a lovely article on 70’s inspiration and fringe styles, where I also posted a DIY fringe tutorial. This post is debuted my finished vest project as well as how I sewed it together. Check it out!

What is my Pattern Size?


It can sometimes be hard to determine which pattern size to use, so we have made it easy for you with some additional diagrams and tips on combining pattern sizes… Because who really fits into just one size!

Bra and Panty Sloper: New Plus Size and Sew Along!


We had great success with our regular size Bra and Panty Sloper, so we went ahead and made a Plus Size version! So now we are offering the sloper in sizes 44-52. Also read on to see how I sewed up my own bra and panty from this sloper.

Top 10 Embellishment Techniques


In every issue of the magazine, we highlight sewing tips given by BurdaStyle members in our Top 10 feature. For our upcoming Summer 2015 issue, each of the ten sewers chosen to appear in the magazine will win a free digital copy to show off to friends and family!

5 Fabulous Things You Can Do With A Serger!


Want to take your sewing to the next level in 2015? You’ll be amazed at all of the great things you can do with a serger, not to mention the store-bought quality garments you’ll be able to create! Read about a few of the fun things you can do on a serger, and learn to master the machine yourself with Denise Wild’s upcoming Webinar!


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