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3 Tips for Working with Vintage Sewing Patterns


Sewing as a hobby has been around for many, many years. Did you know that the first tissue sewing pattern was made in 1863? Vintage sewing patterns are very nostalgic and give us a glimpse into past generation’s styles. You can find vintage sewing patterns just about about anywhere like thrift shops, online, and my personal favorite place to find them… rummage sales! I have even dug through my grandmother’s old pattern stash for inspiration. These patterns may be fabulous and retro… but they have been around the block and need extra special attention when working with them. Read this post on my top 3 tips for working with vintage sewing patterns.

Make your own Leggings for National Serger Month!


If you didn’t already know, April is National Serger Month! So in honour of this special month (because I love sewing with sergers) I decided to sew up a pair of leggings which are in my opinion the best thing that you can sew purely on a serger. Check out the post to see how I created these versatile leggings.

How to Sew a Lapped Zipper

Watch to see how using tape to help you sew your lapped zipper will result in perfect topstitching!

How to Bias Bound Finish your Seam Allowance!

Don’t have a serger? Using fabric that frays? Want a couture finish for your garment? Then why not bias bound all your seam allowances… Watch to see!

How to Add Gathers to your Bodice Sewing Pattern

Watch to see how I transformed a basic bodice pattern into a bodice with a side gathered panel!

Color Blocking with the Spiegel 60609 Sewing Machine!


Hi BurdaStylers! I had the pleasure of receiving the Spiegel 60609 Sewing Machine play with, and the features are remarkable of this machine… I have never seen a machine that can hold a smart device before! In this post I showcase this machine as well as debut a color blocking DIY from BurdaStyle magazine. I do love a good color blocked garment, whether I sew it from scratch or add to an existing garment. Read on to see the features of this Speigel sewing machine and how to DIY color block.

Dickie DIY


Yes, they are back in style and you can easily make one for yourself with this free pattern and some scrap stretch fabric. Jazz it up by sewing it in a printed fabric, adding studs around the neck, some beads, or wear with a chunky necklace. Keep your neck warm without all the bulk of a turtleneck. Read on to see how I made mine…

DIY Apron Holiday Gift


This year I know I wanted to make at least ONE of my holiday gifts… so I made this turquoise apron using our draft-it-yourself Apron pattern and it turned out fabulous, fun, and feminine (my favorite f word). There is something so rewarding in giving your loved ones handmade gifts that are unique and one-of-a-kind, and best of all made with love! Read more for my full sewing tutorial on making this DIY apron (p.s. it only took me 3 hours from start to finish, including wrapping).

Holiday Sew Along with Jade: Vote on the Dress Pattern!


Everyone needs a good Holiday dress to wear throughout the season, or just maybe on NYE! Well we have recruited power member Jaderbug to host a Holiday Sew Along for us and we need your help! Vote on one of these three dress patterns for Jade to make an interactive sew along for, and then you can join in on the fun and sew along with Jade and other members. You will have access to Jade, videos, the pattern, and more! Read on and vote… Update: With 74 votes the #3 Long Sleeve Lace Dress is the winner!!! Thanks to all who voted You can register for the sew along here!

The Difference Between Knit and Woven Fabrics


All fabrics can be categorized into either being a knit or woven fabric. The simplest way to determine if a fabric is a knit or woven is if it is stretchy or not… Woven’s do not naturally stretch, and knit fabrics do. There are a lot more things to learn about the different characteristics of fabrics, but when sewing it is very important to know the difference and also know what type of fabric your sewing pattern is meant for. There are few patterns that the fabric can be interchanged. Read on to learn more about knit and woven fabrics and their characteristics…

How to Distress Denim


Distressed Denim is back… and here’s how-to distress your jeans at home!

DIY Halloween Costume: Meg Reveals her "The Dress" Costume!


Well here it is, my finished Halloween costume! Is it blue and black, or white and gold? This was a fun costume to make, and I imagine a more fun costume to wear. It was a lot more work than I initially anticipated, but I’m so glad I stuck with it (I even had to run out to get more gold lace mid way through)! Read on to see more images and how I finished sewing my dress…

DIY Halloween Costume: Meg Starts to Sew her "The Dress" Costume!


Hi everyone, I have made some good progress on my DIY Halloween costume! I think this dress has become a bit more work than I initially anticipated, but I am sticking with it and I am very excited for the end result. Last week I posted how I drafted my costume using our knit top and dress sloper (it is so great for making easy dresses out of stretch fabric). Check out the post to see how I started to sew my “The Dress” costume together…

Sewing Lesson: Asymmetric Dress 106 04/2012


Check out our next sewing lesson for our Asymmetric Dress sewing pattern that debuted in this Monday’s On The Rocks pattern collection originally published in the April 2012 issue of BurdaStyle Magazine. Check out all the great diagrams to help you sew this interesting dress, and how to style it for fall!

DIY Halloween Costume: Meg Starts to Make her "The Dress" Costume!


It has been years since I actually sewed my own Halloween costume. Every year I am always commissioned by my friends to sew theirs and never have time to make my own… But not this year! At the beginning of the year when “The Dress” (black and blue or white and gold) was happening I was extremely fascinated and read all these articles about the science behind why people saw different colors and thought that it would actually make a cool costume for this year’s Halloween! So I decided to go with my original plan and make the dress costume. Read on to see how I drafted the pattern…


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