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Meg's Magazine Mash Up: Dress Reveal!


It’s done! My plaid and floral dress is finally complete, and the end result is fabulous in my eyes. This Mash Up has taken a lot longer than I originally planned and wanted, but it was totally worth it in the end. Again, I made this Mash Up from our High Collar Dress pattern, I altered the neckline, hemline, and seamlines. Read on to see more!

Meg's Magazine Mash Up: Sewing my Dress Part II


Hey BurdaStylers! I made a lot of progress this past week in making my dress and with the addition with a few embellishments it will be ready to photograph. This week I finished off the side seam, hem, and neckline. Read more to see the assembly of the dress…

Meg's Magazine Mash Up: Sewing My Dress!


Last post I blogged about cutting and all the pre-assembly of my High Collar Dress Mash Up! This dress is turning out so great (and taking me a long time… sorry guys!) Read on to see my first steps in sewing this dress…

Meg's Magazine Mash Up: Cutting My Dress!


Last week I debuted my new fabric for this Mash Up, and this week I cut out my dress in preparation for sewing. Also my Jean Course that I wrote about last post is now live and you can register! Read on to see more…

Meg's Magazine Mash Up: Drafting My Dress & Filming Trip!


I know it has been a while, but I have been a busy sewing girl these past couple of weeks! But now I am back in the groove of things and home from my fun (and exhausting) film trip to capture videos for a brand new course on BurdaStyle Academy where I demonstrate how to sew your own pair of jeans. I also purchased fabric for my High Collar Dress Mash Up, and I redid the sketch for it. Read on to learn more about my trip and how I alter the dress sewing pattern…

Meg's Magazine Mash Up: Pattern Debut!


The votes are in (and thank you all so much for your input in helping me choose), and our High Collar Dress! I am excited to get started on it, and I did my initial sketch planning of my project using our newest poses of croquis. Read on to find out more about my dress plans…

Meg's Magazine Mash Up: Vote on my Next Project!


Last week I wrapped up my Hooded Cowl Neck Top, and I was so happy with the end result. You guys voted and helped me pick that pattern to Mash Up, and now I need your help again! I have narrowed it down to 4 patterns for my next Mash Up, so please take a look and vote on the pattern you want to see me sew next…

Meg's Magazine Mash Up: Hooded Cowl Neck Top Reveal!


Here is my top all finished! This pattern was such a quick sew, and it so comfy to wear. I made this from our Hooded Cowl Neck Dress pattern, and cropped it into a top! This Mash Up was fun, and the last minute fabric change made it exciting. Read on to see more images and our Member variation’s of this pattern.

Meg's Magazine Mash Up: Sewing My Cowl Neck Top


Hi everyone! This weekend I sewed up most of my top which I am making from our Hooded Cowl Neck Dress pattern. It came together quickly, and once I tried it on for the first time I was so excited that it all came together nice and it fit! Last week I made all of my pattern modifications, and keep on reading to see how I sewed it all together.

Meg's Magazine Mash Up: Drafting My Cowl Neck Top


I started to work on my latest Mash Up this weekend, and it all starts with the pattern! I am modifying our Hooded Cowl Neck Dress to be a top with separate panels, see how I transformed the pattern below…

Meg's Magazine Mash Up: Pattern Debut & New Drawing Templates!


Last week I asked for your help in voting on which pattern I should make for my next Mash Up! Our Hooded Cowl Neck Dress took the lead and won you guys over and I am super excited to get started. Read on to find out more how I am going to modify it!

Meg's Magazine Mash Up: Vote on My Next Project!


Hi BurdaStylers! So last week I finished up my awesome Retro Halter Jumpsuit, and now I need a new pattern to mash up. You all helped me choose the jumpsuit pattern (and it ended up being my favorite mash up so far this year), so I would LOVE your input on which pattern to make my own next.

Meg's Magazine Mash Up: Jumpsuit Reveal!


I photographed my finished jumpsuit this weekend, and I couldn’t love it more! I just had to make one more final adjustment on the garment before it was perfect, and that was adding a little bust pleat along the side. Check out more images of my Retro Halter Jumpsuit below, and also see some of our member’s variations of the pattern.

Meg's Magazine Mash Up: Finishing My Halter Jumpsuit


Hi BurdaStylers! In this sewing post I actually finished sewing my halter jumpsuit… and it fits like a glove. Last week I sewed up the bodice to the jumpsuit, so read on to check out my tutorial on the bottoms and putting everything together. You will have to stay tuned for finished photos of this jumpsuit next week!

Meg's Magazine Mash Up: Sewing My Halter Jumpsuit


Hi BurdaStylers! I am extremely happy to be back sewing again after my last update. My current mash up (if you have forgotten, because I know I had a little bit) is from our Halter Jumpsuit sewing pattern. This first sewing post is about constructing the top part of the jumpsuit!


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