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Meg's Magazine Mash Up 2014: Peplum Top Progress Report


Last week I assembled a lot of the top portion of the pattern, and this week I focused on putting it all together. I am making our Split Neck Peplum Top and I am really liking it so far! Check out my progress this week in pictures so you can sew along too.

Meg's Magazine Mash Up 2014: Progress Report


Last week I made great progress on my Mash Up peplum top pattern. Check out my progress in pictures this week so you can sew along too!

Meg's Magazine Mash Up 2014: Pattern Reveal October


Hi BurdaStylers! Another month another mash up, but this time around I am doing things a little different so you guys can follow along and sew with me. Each week I am going to be posting my progress of each step so you’ll have time to do the same if you want or just observe. This month I decided to start making our Split Neck Peplum Top from our College Prep pattern collection.

Meg's Magazine Mash Up 2014: Zipper Neck Dress


Hi BurdaStylers, this mash up is one I have been wanting to do for a while and the end result is a dress totally my style (green and spandex!) and suitable for a night out on the town. I am proud of myself I must say, because this dress is all made up from scrap fabric even though I am still a bit sad that I used up the last of my fish scale spandex. Check out how I altered the paper pattern to have no waist seam and longer seams, and see how other members made this Zipper Neck Dress their own.

Pattern Reveal: July Issue


Concept boards are a great place to explore design and fabric ideas for your garment, so you can narrow done construction details, design ideas, and styling. I like to do a concept board after my moodboard to give me a better direction of what I want my final design to look like. The moodboard is more about inspiration and the concept board is about getting down to those design ideas getting you closer to the finished garment.

Meg's Magazine Mash Up 2014: June Issue


Finally made these shorts! I could have not asked for a better result, and the fit is perfectly loose. A while back I revealed which pattern I was making so you guys could follow along and make your own mash up. Check out how I made my shorts as well as see some other member variations of the shorts pattern.

Athletic Inspired Fashion: Moodboard


A couple weeks ago I published which pattern I was going to sew for my next Meg’s Magazine Mash Up. For each Mash Up I usually prepare an inspiration board otherwise known as a moodbard. It helps me brainstorm and gain insight into the style of my garment I am preparing on making. Moodboards really help me focus in and compile inspirational images together that aid my new garment design. Check out our new Moodboard course so you can create your own!

Pattern Reveal: June Issue


This is my first pattern reveal post, where I announce what pattern I am doing for my next month’s Mash Up. I started Meg’s Magazine Mash Up as a way to document and share how I put my own unique on BurdaStyle patterns. Now I want to start sharing your “mash ups”! So you can sew along with me and do your own mash up of a pattern and I will include it in my monthly posts.

Meg's Magazine Mash Up 2014: May Issue


This is the first month that I actually felt the heat of the summer, and all I wanted to wear was summer dresses. So this month I decided to Mash Up a sweet dress for myself to wear on those hot summer days. There were many lovely dresses from the May issue and it was a back and fourth between our portrait mini dress and the sweetheart neckline dress… but ultimately I went with the sweetheart dress from our Cabana Cutie pattern collection, and I sure felt like a cabana cutie when this dress was done!

Meg's Magazine Mash Up 2014: April Issue


So glad we are finally into the month of May, and here on the East coast things are slightly warming up! My pick for this month’s mash up was pretty easy since our Wrap Blouse is dominating the best selling pattern’s list from the classic Solo in White collection. I didn’t do too many alterations to this pattern, just wanted to accentuate the wrap style, check it out.

Meg's Magazine Mash Up 2014: March Issue


This month’s Mash Up I knew I wanted to make a Maxi Dress (love them for spring)! I was back and forth between our Romantic Maxi and Tank Dress, and ended up sewing the tank dress with gathered skirt. I liked the relaxed style of it, and it was a little less formal so I could wear it more casually. Check out how I infused my own style into it and used up leftover fabric!

Meg's Magazine Mash Up 2014: February Issue


I must say that this year’s February issue of BurdaStyle magazine was fabulous! I want to make so many of the patterns featured. After much deliberation I decided to make a style from the feminine Softly Charming pattern collection. I loved the style lines of our Princess Seam Boatneck Top, but I also wanted to make a dress for an event coming up so I decided to turn this off the shoulder top into a dress! Check out my drafting and sewing steps.

Meg's Magazine Mash Up 2014: January Issue


It is a new year, and I have decided to kick start it with a vibrant new and blue mash up! I had such a great time every month last year choosing a new issue pattern and putting my unique spin on it, and this year I’m going to step it up a notch. This month I did have a hard time choosing a pattern, but in the end I decided to make our Skirted Top. Check out how I made it my own…

Meg's Magazine Mash Up: December Issue


I did it! 12 monthly mash ups of 2013. Whew, it seems (seams) like just yesterday when I sought out on my mission to make one pattern from each monthly issue of burda style magazine and I couldn’t be more happy with the garments I have made throughout the year. I wanted to end 2013 with a bang so I put my spin on an elegant gown using this pattern from the December issue. Check out the result and how I turned it around!

Meg's Magazine Mash Up: November Issue


Well that was fast, November that is! Which means another Mash Up is in the mix. I realized I have only done one other skirt mash up and I wanted to do another one before the year was up. So this month I decided to mash up the edgy paneled straight skirt from the November 2013 issue. Check out how yummy I made it look!


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